Thank you for considering a project at Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (the student-run CCAT at Cal Poly Humboldt). With funding from Associated Students (AS) and Instructionally Related Activities (IRA), CCAT is able to provide hands-on learning opportunities to students in 15 HSU classes each year. CCAT has a lot of resources on hand that can help you explore the realm of Appropriate Technology. In order for your project to flow smoothly, it is important to follow the guidelines and deadlines listed below.

CCAT's Criteria[edit | edit source]

A CCAT representative will provide a list of some potential projects on CCAT's site. However, we are open to your ideas as well!

In order to receive CCAT funding:

  • The project must be related to Appropriate Technology and the mission of CCAT, which is to demonstrate that living lightly on the earth is practical and rewarding.
  • The project must be at CCAT, a community organization or place, or the project must serve as an educational tool or demonstration that reaches a significant amount of people/year.
  • The project must be interpretive.
  • A final report (e.g. an Appropedia page) must be turned in to CCAT to be put on file.
  • If CCAT is unable to fund your entire project, other sources of funding or donations must be explored.
  • Projects must be able to be completed within semester time frame, unless specific circumstances of project are discussed with co-directors prior to submitting proposal.

Starting your Project[edit | edit source]

It's a good idea to get started on your project as soon as possible, as most projects take much longer than you would expect. As a general rule, expect projects to take at least three times longer than you originally estimated. CCAT will connect you to a co-director, CCAT employee, or community member who can best assist you with your project. This person will be your primary contact. Communication is the key! This person will assist you in project development and answering questions on issues such as using your IRA funds. While we will be assisting you throughout the project, it is your responsibility to complete it, and it is your instructor who ultimately grades you!

Project Proposal & Budget Estimate[edit | edit source]

Once your project group (of any size) has developed an idea sufficiently, you need to turn in a brief project proposal (one per group) to CCAT. This proposal must include a detailed description of the project with accompanying sketches, a list of materials needed (as complete as possible), and a budget estimate. Click below for a link to our general budget template. From this link you can save a copy of the template as a Microsoft Word document. Also below is an example from a 305 project last Spring (2009) Create the budget estimate by sourcing and pricing the items on your materials list. Try to foresee non-material costs (like tool rentals) as well. Please see the attached example budget proposal. These documents allow us to ensure that all awarded projects receive funding. To ensure that there is enough time to complete your project, these proposals must be delivered to CCAT by the FOURTH WEEK of classes. We cannot award any funding until we receive your budget. When we determine which projects we are able to fund, we will contact you. Once you are awarded funding, the first thing you should do is schedule a meeting with your CCAT contact. They will orient you to CCAT's resources and facility, and then you can get rolling on your project! Have lots of fun!

File:CCAT Project Budget Sheet.doc

File:CCAT Natural Wall Construction Budget Example.doc

Spending Money on Your Project[edit | edit source]

The following paragraphs describe how to spend money on CCAT projects. All expenditures need to be approved by the whole group. Purchases $50 and over should be made by your CCAT contact (a CCAT employee or co-director). For smaller purchases, you may buy the item. Then turn in to CCAT your original receipt, attached to a piece of paper with your name, project name and class written on it, as well as a brief statement of how the item is part of your project. Reimbursement usually takes at least a week. If you are confused about how to obtain an acceptable receipt, please ask prior to making the purchase.

For receipts to be accepted[edit | edit source]

  1. Official printed receipt that has the name/address of company, an itemized account of purchases, a total, and proof of payment (i.e. account balance = $0).
  2. Hand-written receipts must be on company letterhead (or have a business card attached). They must include all of the same information as a printed receipt, and must be signed by the seller.
  3. If there is any name of purchaser on the receipt, it must be your name.
  4. If you use a credit card, include the printed slip.
  5. If you pay with a check, it is ideal to first make a copy of the check. Otherwise, you may have to have your bank send a copy.

All purchases must be made before Finals Week!

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