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"Page incubation" involves placing an article in this area to allow collaboration, where the article is not yet ready to be placed in the main part of the Appropedia wiki.

If an article is "under construction" to the point where it makes little sense to reader, or has serious inaccuracies, or offers no value to the reader, then it is probably best to move it to the incubator.

How to use the incubator[edit]

Create an article in the incubator[edit]

Enter the page title in the relevant box. (The "Appropedia:Incubator/" prefix will be added automatically.)

Enter name and click button to start a page about a specific topic:

Or enter name and click button to start a page about a specific project:

Moving to the incubator[edit]

Any "autoconfirmed" editor (one who has been registered for a few days and made a few edits) may move an article to the incubator. Just click the "Move" tab and add "Appropedia:Incubator/" at the beginning of the name. (You just need to have "autoconfirmed" status, meaning you've been registered for a few days and have made a few edits.)

(Tip: using "A:Incubator/" has the same effect and saves typing - "A:" is an alias for "Appropedia:" in pagenames in this wiki.)

An alternative is userfication, especially where a single editor has worked on the article.

My article is here - now what?[edit]

If you want feedback on an article, you'll need to ask people for the feedback, on or off the wiki, so that they know the page is here. (Also, don't assume that everyone you ask will actually give you feedback. Ask around.)

Pages in the incubator[edit]

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