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This comment was left: Fact-checking needed: a particular kind of salt[1] apparently used for water softeners (though it's not clear how it works or what the advantage is of this kind of salt).

This is also sometimes confusingly called "sea salt". It is not, however, the same thing as the sea salt found in food stores. Most importantly, it is *not* food grade. It's main purpose is for use in water softeners, sold in 40 pound bags. The reason it is called "solar" and sometimes "sea salt" is that it is produced by evaporation of sea water in large ponds in various arid areas of the world. This salt type is not purified and still contains the desiccated remains of whatever aquatic life might have been trapped in it. Those organic remains might react with the proteins in the foods you are attempting to preserve and cause it to spoil. Use canning salt instead.

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