This is a draft of a booklet/leaflet about sustainable energy. It is intended to be adaptable by any organization promoting sustainability. Feel free to contribute.

We need contributions to the following topic categories:

Energy efficiency and how efficiency measures can reduce the load on energy systems to allow for renewables to take up base load power

Renewable Energy

the differtence between electricity and transport and other energy sources eg heat.

Baseload Vs Peakload - explain concepts

Describe an enrgy mix that can provide energy supply - An integrated solution dealing with variability

The most cost effective ways of being more sustainable in our energy use are:
See also Measures to stop global warming, which looks at measures which actually provide an economic benefit, as well as low-cost measures.
Also list local green energy providers, with a summary of cost and how green it is.

Communicate timescales of technology transfer eg: wind technology is developed and ready to roll, nuclear power can take decades to get up

A map of energy resources - does anyone have one of these or is there a smart GIS person lurking out there - basically a map of australia with overlays of energy sources - renewable and conventional

table of relative costs of energy sources including subsidies

Local leadership - how local government and communities are leading the climate change defence - melbourne city, cool communities,

Rural renewal and manufacturing industries - how there is work in providing renewable energy to the mass's

Business Case for Renewables, including: Insurance risk and climate change, Carbon trading and a carbon restraiined economy, investment cycles and lead times

Transport - As a significant part of carbon emmisions, also discuss peak oil. Advances in efficiency. Alternative fuels/biofuels, alternative technology and smart urban design

Personal responsibility - What can i do?

  • Reduce your personal carbon output - but note the argument by some, such as Al Gore I think, that this is not the real answer - the problem must be tackled nationally and globally.
  • Save money by being more energy-efficient, and help let others know that they can save money.
  • Political: be aware and raise awareness of what is at stake; make it a political issue, especially thinking of elections.

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Home Energy Auditing[edit source]

Is this booklet interested in having tools such as home energy auditing forms/instructions, or more just a note that a home energy audit can be useful? --Lonny 02:33, 12 September 2006 (PDT)

The initiators never came back to this (and apparently developed their leaflet on another platform). So I've made this a more general page - but it's still in the early draft stages, and how it develops from here depends on who takes charge. --Chriswaterguy 11:58, 20 October 2011 (PDT)
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