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Appropedia:Incubator/Ultrasonic device for keeping birds away from wind turbines

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Understanding the market[edit]

I need people to come up with a design that uses more common, cheap components so communities with less resources can make them.

Project goals[edit]

I want this device built and have them put on wind turbines worldwide so birds can fly safely and we can build more turb


My current design is an arduino, connected to the internet to keep track of the birds, and two speakers behind a rotating metal plate used to broadcast the signal


I am unaware of the costs, as I made the prototype with stuff from around my garage.


Wind turbines are still growing fast, do you think this invention is actually necessary


I believe wind turbines are not only necessary for a sustainable future, but for a strong economy as they can lead to a prosperous middle class. We need more or them everywhere and so we need products to address concerns environmentalists have posed.


Contact details[edit]

jpdc31996@gmail.com If you want to make and sell this idea, you can. I would like a tip in my digital tipjar. https://digitaltipjar.com/creator/dashboard