Understanding the market[edit | edit source]

I need people to come up with a design that uses more common, cheap components so communities with less resources can make them.

Project goals[edit | edit source]

I want this device built and have them put on wind turbines worldwide so birds can fly safely and we can build more turb

Design[edit | edit source]

My current design is an arduino, connected to the internet to keep track of the birds, and two speakers behind a rotating metal plate used to broadcast the signal

Costs[edit | edit source]

I am unaware of the costs, as I made the prototype with stuff from around my garage.

Discussion[edit | edit source]

Wind turbines are still growing fast, do you think this invention is actually necessary

Conclusions[edit | edit source]

I believe wind turbines are not only necessary for a sustainable future, but for a strong economy as they can lead to a prosperous middle class. We need more or them everywhere and so we need products to address concerns environmentalists have posed.

References[edit | edit source]

Contact details[edit | edit source]

jpdc31996@gmail.com If you want to make and sell this idea, you can. I would like a tip in my digital tipjar. https://digitaltipjar.com/creator/dashboard

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