Time line[edit | edit source]

Week Three we are planning on having our first work party on Saturdayunclear date for the construction of the compost bin. The hope is to finish the bin in 1 day, if not a second work party will be held the next Saturday. Collection of food scraps will being as soon as the bin is completed.

Milestones[edit | edit source]

A location and plan has been approved by University Housing and Dinning. Two apple trees were planted at the end of February.unclear date Building of the bins is planned for the third week of the term, on April 17.unclear date In addition the installing trellises for the espalier apple trees is planned. The project's rotating compost bin is being repaired, a new ergonomic frame is being made to replace the broken wooden frame.

  • Money Spend so far: $60 for two espalier apple trees
  • Total Spent: $60
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