CATER4CHILDREN WORLD[edit | edit source]

A UK Charity, Catering for poor children from 1 day old until they are 16 in poor countries around the world and providing Disneyland holiday to children who have faced traumatic experience, in order to give them a life changing experience, in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Donations Required[edit | edit source]

Donate just £3 to help children living in poverty that has become vulnerable. Visit Cater4children Website

Our Mission[edit | edit source]

  • "Truly and sincerely doing everything to give children in poverty help by incapacitating poverty and how it affects them, and celebrating with children the looking forward to a bright future, by giving them financial and care stability in the long-term, in which they know that they do not have to hope for their needs but know that their needs are already catered for. As a result to bring them joy and comfort which could inspire them and help them enjoy childhood".

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