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This is a proposed Appropedia policy. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.
It has been suggested that this page or section be merged into Appropedia:Appropedia is different from Wikipedia. (Discuss).

How are Appropedia and Wikipedia diffrent?[edit]

Appropedia complements WikipediaW rather than competing with it. Appropedia has different kinds of information, and can go into much more detail on a topic.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (see Wikipedia:Project:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia), whereas Appropedia is a much broader resource, with original content, original research, case studies, project writeups, how-tos and more, as well as networking.

Where there is relevant encyclopedic material on Wikipedia, we can link to it, as described below.

What is encyclopedic material?[edit]

Encyclopedic is used in the same way as in Wikipedia policies. It refers to information which is notable, not original; it relies on published secondary sources, not on original research. This is the kind of information which is acceptable at Wikipedia. However such material can also be developed on Appropedia, as long as it is not simply duplicating Wikipedia.

See Wikipedia:Project:What Wikipedia is not for further explanation.

When is encyclopedic material suitable for Appropedia?[edit]

  • When information develops here that initially is not suitable, but thanks to other editors adding sources and making other improvements. In this case it should be transwikied to Wikipedia. Then, does the GFDL require that it credits Appropedia? This might be a problem.
  • When Wikipedia's information which is relevant to Appropedia's focus is buried within other information, then it may be useful to summarize the encyclopedic information as well as linking to the article. If using verbatim slabs of text from Wikipedia, this must be credited. Use the {{Attrib wikipedia}} template.
  • When it is likely that a person coming to the page may not understand the topic, then a brief description is useful, as well as a link to Wikipedia. See Wikipedia's guidelines for the lead section of an article.

Linking to Wikipedia[edit]

There are two key ways:

  • {{W}} - creates a little superscript W that links to the article named - e.g. "W" creates a link, W, to the Wikipedia article about "Foo". Place this after a relevant word. Use it when the Appropedia article is not created yet, or not satisfactory, or if it's something mentioned in passing that isn't likely to need an Appropedia page.
  • add an "Interwiki links" section and list the links in the form Wikipedia:Pagename.

Don't "hide" the link with a pipe - better to show it in raw form, so the reader can see that it's a link to Wikipedia.

If you specifically want to link to a specific Wikipedia page from Appropedia, rather than just referencing it in passing, then again use a raw link - or, if you use a piped link, make it clear that it's a Wikipedia link.

To link to a page in Wikipedia's project space, e.g. a Wikipedia policy with a full pagename like "Wikipedia:Be bold", use "Wikipedia:Project", e.g. Wikipedia:Project:Be bold.