For information on how to attribute Appropedia articles, see Attributing Appropedia.

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Attributing external sources[edit | edit source]

It is important to attribute sources, especially when text is copied word-for-word. This is done with the notice templates {{content from}} and... (yet to make a standard template for original namespace pages?)

If the text is not under a suitable open license or public domain, then no more than a few sentences should be copied, even with attribution. (Can we be more specific?''

If you log in before you edit, you can be credited for the work you do on Appropedia.

Attribution is by username. However, your real name can be used, if you prefer to enter this in your preferences:

  1. click "my preferences" at the top of the screen, on any page in Appropedia
  2. enter your real name (or whichever nameyou wish to be credited by)

(This option appears on the first page, "User profile," of preferences.)

This affects how attribution is given in contexts including:

  • The footer attribution on Appropedia pages
  • Printed works, if they make reference to individual authors.

Note that in cases of merging or moving content from one wiki page to another, history for that spcific text is lost. For this reason, it's best that moved content is be accompanied by a good edit summary, mentioning the contributors.

Derivative work[edit | edit source]

The notice at the bottom of every page has a notice of this form:

"This page was last modified [time, date]. Based on work by [User1 - most recent editor], [User2 - next most recent editor], [User 3, User4, User5...] of Appropedia.

When a page is created by an anonymous user who later creates an account, the account holder will not be credited in the footer unless they then edit the page again.

Changing the attribution notice[edit | edit source]

When moving a page (for whatever reason) be sure and leave a clear edit summary. And if doing it manually in order to change how the "Based on work by" notice displays at the bottom, note this in the edit summary, and be sure and replace the old page with a redirect.

If a spammer or vandal edits a page, they also show up in the footer, unless their account is blocked and merged.

Technical notes[edit | edit source]

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