For information on how to attribute external sources, see Attribution.

Attributing Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Appropedia accepts the posting and development of coursework. Ultimately the Appropedia Foundation considers it desirable such content to be used by other wikis such as Wikibooks and Wikiversity. To make this more feasible, we must determine what is suitable attribution - a prominent attribution is considered undesirable in Wikimedia projects,[verification needed] and original work is preferred.

Proposal: The Appropedia Foundation reserves the right to release third party sites and organizations from the obligation of attributing Appropedia, or to require only a very discreet attribution. Note: This does not remove the obligation to cite third parties that are cited on the relevant Appropedia page.

To use a hypothetical example, if Susan Smith University releases their Showerhead design 101' course to Appropedia under the GFDL, then we attribute that using appropriate notice templates wherever that content appears, including:

Does this policy cause any conflicts in licensing and information sharing?

If agreed upon:

  • we will insert this into Appropedia:Copyrights
  • what about content created before the policy was created? (I suspect it's sufficient to content all contributors to the best of our ability - but it's best to do this as soon as possible.)

Discussion[View | Edit]

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