If you want to volunteer to help with Appropedia with the support of your employer, we'd love to work with you!

Wise employers understand the value of keeping their employees inspired, happy, and learning. Appropedia helps with all of these. If your employer doesn't do this yet, then some gentle enquiries may help it to happen for the first time, to everyone's benefit.

You don't need technical skills (though if you do, you may want to use them). Whether your skill extends to sending an email, managing a project, or testing software, your help is valued.

If you are interested, then talk to us and talk to your boss or Human Resources department. Or you may find an ongoing project on Appropedia, or start your own - the Appropedia community is here to support you, but you don't need permission. Perhaps you could volunteer one day per month - but whether it's more or less than this, we'd love to hear from you!

About corporate volunteering[edit | edit source]

Leading companies sponsor volunteering by their employees. Benefits include:

  • Better employee morale, motivation and team spirit
  • Company pride and loyalty
  • Skill and knowledge development
  • Opportunities to work with people from different parts of their organization, improving your organization's social capital.
  • Better corporate image
  • New relationship with the wider community
  • Potential for team building

Corporate volunteering with Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Volunteering with Appropedia is especially valuable for green businesses - staff have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, while working with web 2.0 platforms.

Volunteering is primarily online, but depending on the location they may be able to work "on-site" with other Appropedians, or with other staff from the same company who are also volunteering with Appropedia.

Options - the many forms of volunteering include:

  • Staff having one paid day per month to volunteer
  • Having a staff team work on a specific Appropedia project - developing a topic area, or tackling a site development task
  • If you are in an industry with fluctuating demand, allow employees to volunteer at times of low demand. A wiki-based project such as Appropedia is ideal for such an arrangement.

For more information:

  • See Appropedia:Internships - corporate volunteers can do similar work, but will have more knowledge and skill to bring to the work than most interns.
  • Contact us

Further reading[edit | edit source]

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