Overview: Learners self-assess and are peer-assessed by other learners using the same validated assessment tool, a stepwise verification of proficiency checklist.

ALL-SAFE Verification of Proficiency (VoP)[edit | edit source]

The ALL-SAFE Verification of Proficiency Checklist is a rubric designed and validated by ALL-SAFE that will be used to assess learners' performances.

Recording and Uploading Video

Learners will record a video of themselves on their phones performing the simulated trocar placement. They will upload it directly to our site. We have provided technical instructions on how to do this for both apple and PC products. For a zero-degree view, perform the following steps to securely attach a cell phone to the top of the box on part A (with camera pointed down at trocar module). First, cut two slits into the cardboard as shown in the photos. These slits should be wide enough to hold a rubber band between them in order to hold the user's phone in place. The length of the slits only needs to be 1/2 inches (1.3 cm). The phone should be placed directly above the trocar module.

Learners can watch the example video of one of our experts performing the procedure as many times as they need to. When they're ready, they take a video of their best performance with any smartphone device and upload to the site.

Immediate Self-Assessment

In order to receive immediate feedback, learners will immediately review their own video using the Verification of Proficiency checklist (VoP). They are also encouraged to work with a partner during their practice for more feedback.

Peer Assessment

All of the learner videos will enter our database and be de-identified, randomized, and redistributed to other learners. Learners will then be required to view 3 other learners' videos on the platform using the VoP. Because our philosophy is to support the development of surgeons' critical thinking and communication through feedback to peers, learners will be expected to provide feedback on other, de-identified, learners' performances using the provided checklist. Complementing this, learners will receive feedback from other participating learners. Learners will receive an email notification to return to the course once another learner's video is ready for you to assess using our VoP. They will have 72 hours to respond to an email; otherwise, the video will be assigned to another learner. They will be sent a reminder email at 24 and 48 hours. They will repeat this process until each learner has rated 3 total videos.

Sample Results Report
Receiving Results

Learners will receive a copy of their results, including their self-assessment and peer assessment.


Learners will then take a post-test to consolidate their preoperative and operative knowledge on Trocar Placement. In order to view this post test, please see our pre-test under the "Procedure" section of this module.

Trocar Placement Exit Survey.jpg
Ending Survey

Learners will take a survey to give feedback on the module. The ALL-SAFE team continually integrates this feedback to improve our platform.

Assessment checklist 2.png
Certificate of Completion

Once learners have gone through all the steps of our module, they will receive a certificate of completion as exemplified here on appropedia.

Get certificate

How this looks like on our platform[edit | edit source]

Explore the Assessment Part of our Trocar Placement module

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