Welcome to the procedure part of the Trocar Placement module. Here the learner will go through a pre-test and interactive case scenario to learn about Trocar Placement for laparoscopy.

Pre-test[edit | edit source]

Learners will first take a pre-test to assess their baseline knowledge of the topic. This test is available on our interactive platform and gives real-time grading for learners to immediately assess their knowledge coming into the module. It is also copied in appropedia format below. On our platform, answer explanations are not displayed for the pre-test (but are displayed in the post-test).

1 Which is an absolute contraindication for performing diagnostic laparoscopy?

Abdominal compartment syndrome
Uncorrected coagulopathy
Refractory hemodynamic instability
All of the above

2 What is the proper positioning of a patient undergoing diagnostic laparoscopy of the pelvis?

Supine position, Trendelenburg, both arms tucked
Supine position, reverse Trendelenburg, both arms abducted
Prone position, Trendelenburg, both arms tucked
Prone position, reverse Trendelenburg, both arms abducted

3 Which of the following statements is true regarding the Hasson (open) technique compared to the Veress (closed) technique for peritoneal access and trocar placement?

Hasson technique reduces the overall length of the procedure
Hasson technique results in a smaller fascial defect
Hasson technique allows direct visualization of the abdominal wall
Hasson technique is less useful in patients with abdominal wall adhesions

4 What is the standard insufflation pressure of pneumoperitoneum for a standard transabdominal laparoscopic procedure in adults?

5 mmHg
10 mmHg
15 mmHg
20 mmHg

5 During diagnostic laparoscopy of the pelvis, you notice a copious amount of blood expanding in the retroperitoneum. The anesthesiologist tells you that the patient remains stable. How would you proceed?

Continue with exploration of the ovaries and tubes
Convert to open surgery to explore for source of bleeding
Increase pneumoperitoneum to 25 mm Hg
Insert an additional trocar to assist identification of bleeding source

6 You begin diagnostic laparoscopy and insufflate the abdominal cavity with CO2. The insufflation process should be halted if the patient develops:

Rise in peak airway pressure
Lower extremity edema

7 What is the most common site for an initial port placement to perform a laparoscopic appendectomy?

In left lower quadrant
At midline abdomen
At medial costal margin
At the umbilicus

8 What is the immediate next step following successful entry into the abdominal cavity using an open technique?

Insert stay sutures in the fascial edges of the incision
Perform a finger sweep on the underside of the abdominal wall
Place the trocar through the incision and secure
Insufflate the abdomen to establish pneumoperitoneum

9 The patient develops bradycardia during laparoscopic insufflation of the abdomen. What is the appropriate next step?

Desufflation of the abdomen
Administration of vagolytic agents
Volume replacement
All of the above

10 Which of the following conditions is least likely to require non-umbilical trocar placement?

Previous umbilical trocar placement
Ventral hernia repair
Periumbilical piercings
Postpartum tubal ligation
Severe abdominal wall laxity

The answers, with explanations, are available for review in the post-test which is accessible here for download as a pdf.

ALL-SAFE Trocar Placement Pre & Post Test PDF

Case scenario[edit | edit source]

The psychomotor learning is embedded in the sequence of a full clinical case, allowing the learner to digest pre-, intra-, and operative concepts of trocar placement.

Learners will go through an interactive case scenario with embedded course material. The case scenario is presented in a question / answer format. As learners progress through the case, they will digest information that is presented to them as they answer case questions. It is highly recommended that the learner be familiar with this content before proceeding to the skill pages.

PDF of Trocar Placement Case Scenario

How the Trocar Placement pre-test and case scenario look on our site

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