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* [[Mapnificent]]
* [[Mapnificent]]
* [[Mapumental]] (Open Source version)
* [[Mapumental]] (Open Source version)
* [[OSAT]]
* [[Open Source Accessibility Toolkit]] (not to be confused with the [[Open Source Appropriate Technology]] page/concept).
== Review Criteria ==
== Review Criteria ==

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This is a Work Package as part of the OSSTIP project.

Tool links

See Open Source Transport Informatics tools for links to surveyed list of main tools. Only some of them will be covered in the table below.

Main tools intended for at least a quick review:

Review Criteria

  • The quality and usefulness of visual display capabilities in assessing and communicating transport network coverage and usefulness;
  • Accuracy and speed of the results generated – and whether they include walking and cycling connections;
  • How easy the tool is to use, including data formats used, and preparation requirements, and documentation availability;
  • The dependencies it has on other software that needs to be installed first or utilised;
  • How challenging it would be to utilise the tool as part of an interactive web-based display of a proposed transport network & schedule (See OSSTIP/BZE-WP8);
  • How well-designed and interoperable the tool is to integrate into a larger transport analysis and modelling system (See WP7 (p14) and WP9 (p15));
  • Level of community activity and support for the code (e.g. on mailing lists), future plans, and institutional support.