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Abstract[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this Project is to create a greenhouse for Zane Middle School that will be easily moved from classroom to gardened area. The greenhouse will function as an educational process. The project idea came from Ken Pinkerton a Teacher at the Middle School. His idea on a Mobile Greenhouse Evolved and was proposed to the Cal Poly Humboldt class, Engineering 215 - Introduction to Design, instructed by Lonny Grafman.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the Spring Semester of 2014, a mobile greenhouse will be implemented into the educational system at Zane Middle School. This Project is being made to promote the idea of healthier lifestyles by helping the students understand the benefits of growing plants in a greenhouse. The Greenhouse is meant to act as a Canvas for the creative mind of the student body at Zane. This will be done by providing access to the interior or the greenhouse giving a hands on experience to all students. Our objective was to carefully create the greenhouse, making it mobile, but also pay careful attention to how effective the structure will be at making it easy to create an educational course around it.

Problem statement and criteria[edit | edit source]

The Delphi Matrix proposed that the "Hobo" design would prove to be the best solution to the problem statement according to weight distribution. The "Hobo" topped the charts in most criteria groups but was not chosen for the final project. All Criteria: Safety, Portability, Cleanliness, Aesthetics, Educational, Durability, Cost, and Sustainability were considered. Instead, a Cart was chosen which was a hybrid of the Shelving Greenhouse and the Standard Greenhouse designs.

Criteria Importance Constraints
Safety 10 Greenhouse will be used by middle school children and therefore cannot have sharp edges or easily breakable materials.
Portability 10 Must be easily movable across a rough flat surface by middle school aged children.
Cleanliness 10 Must not leak water or dirt.
Aesthetics 9 Looks professional and appealing toward middle school children.
Educational 8 Greenhouse must showcase the advantages of using a greenhouse in the local climate.
Durability 7 Glazing material must last 1 year.
Cost 5 $400($75 from each team member and $100 from Zane Middle School).
Sustainability 5 Building with recycled and up-cycled materials.

Description of final project[edit | edit source]

The final project was created after careful deliberation and planning. Many trial structures were thought up and the final structure was purchased at the local Harbor Freight. This structure is a 3 tier cart with a pair of caster wheels on one side of the cart. The opposite side has a handle and a pair of stationery wheels.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Quantity Material Source Retail Cost ($) Our Cost ($) Total ($)
1 Service Cart (3 shelf) Harbor Freight (Arcata) 59.99 49.99 49.99
4 1/2" PVC Pipe Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 4.00 4.00 16.00
1 Bag of 1/2" T PVC Pipe Fittings Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 4.00 4.00 4.00
2 PVC Fitting 1/2" x 2' Hensel's Ace Hardware (Arcata) 0.99 0.99 1.98
1 Rubber Leg Tips (4) Hensel's Ace Hardware (Arcata) 2.99 2.99 2.99
1 Tip Chairlegs White (4) Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 3.59 3.59 3.59
1 Plastic Sheeting 10'x 25' Harbor Freight (Arcata) 10.29 10.29 10.29
1 Can Spray Paint Black Gloss Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 4.99 4.99 4.99
1 Tube Silicon Calking 3 oz Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 5.99 5.99 5.99
4 Elbow 90 1/2" PVC Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 0.49 0.49 1.96
1 Clamp Hose 5/16" to 7/8" Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 1.59 1.59 1.59
4 Tubing Vinyl 1/2"x 5/8" Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 0.69 0.69 2.76
1 Insert Compression Brass 5/8" Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 1.79 1.79 1.79
4 10' 1/2" PVC Pipe Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 3.99 3.99 15.96
1 Hack Saw Blades 10" (2) Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 2.79 2.79 2.79
1 10" Hack Saw Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 6.99 6.99 6.99
1 Elbow 45 PVC 1/2" Joint Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 0.99 0.99 0.99
2 1/2" Cross PVC Fitting Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 1.79 1.79 3.58
6 1/2" PVC T Joints Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 0.49 0.49 2.94
5 Elbow 45 1/2" PVC Fitting Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 0.99 0.99 4.95
4 10' 1/2" PVC Pipe Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 3.99 3.99 15.96
1 1/2" T PVC Fittings (10) Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 3.99 3.99 3.99
1 PVC Primer Purple 8oz Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 7.59 7.59 7.59
1 All Purpose Cement 8oz Ace Hardware (Mckinleyville) 8.49 8.49 8.49
Total Cost $182.15

Testing Results[edit | edit source]

The structure holds up well and is sturdy enough to maintain a large capacity of seeds starting trays. The greenhouse is well made and will withstand basic weather conditions that occur in the Humboldt County area. The PVC is strong but to make sure it would withstand weather, there was a coat of weatherproof paint sprayed onto the PVC. This will also help with the insulation of the greenhouse drawing more heat into the structure. Each joint of the PVC was glued to keep maximum strength and to keep the pipes from slipping. It was found that the easiest way to mount the greenhouse would be inside of screwed down rubber tips. The structure was installed into the rubber tips and a Plastic Sheet was installed on the PVC structure.

How to build[edit | edit source]


Purchase and Assemble the Cart


Begin to Build PVC Structure


Cement and Paint the PVC


Install Feet/Install PVC/ Fit Plastic

Discussion and next steps[edit | edit source]

The greenhouse is to be delivered to Zane Middle School. The structure is finished and simply needs to be primed for the delivery. Maintenance on the greenhouse will require a constant effort to make sure the greenhouse is always looking its best.

Authors[edit | edit source]

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