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In the summer of 2014, an island-based ecosystem and mobile habitat, also known as, Wetland will be launched on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Wetland is founded by a New York City-based artist named Mary Mattingly. Wetland will promote art, community, sustainable living, and environmental technology. The Wetland barge will provide a short-term home for artists, and a venue for educational events. One of the goals of Wetland is to showcase a model for interdependent living where resources are decentralized. This will be achieved by having a percentage of food being grown locally, having power generated by the sun, and the gathering, purification, and storage of water on site.

Fall 2013 ENGR215[edit | edit source]

The Fall 2013 semester of ENGR215 Introduction to Design worked with Mary Mattingly and WetLand to research, design and build sustainable projects for an island-based ecosystem and mobile habitat floating on the Delaware River during Summer 2014.

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Partnerships are an essential element of the WetLand project, as they signify a meaningful connection to and buy-in from the community. In addition to a partner in education with whom we will develop an internship component, potential partners include: the Philadelphia Water Department, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation the U.S. Coast Guard, local neighborhood civic associations, as well as Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. Partnering with non-arts organizations will not only give Live Arts/Fringe access to new audiences and resources, but also provide their expert perspective on the topics of water conservation and sustainable living.

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