When setting up for a field delivery, it is important that the area be as close to a sterile environment as possible to limit the exposure of both the mother and the newborn to pathogens. Newly born babies relied on their mother's immune system in utero and are vulnerable to infections such as those by the bacteria from the Group B streptococcus family and the mother may have a significant risk of exposure and contamination of wounds or blood caused by normal delivery or perineal tearing.

Prepare the area by ensuring your patient's privacy as much as possible and removing her pants. Place several absorbent materials such as chux around and under the vagina; birth can be very messy. Don sterile gloves in the appropriate manner then use the wipes provided in the obstetrical kit to clean the area surrounding the vagina. Use a "J" like motion on each side, starting at the top of the vagina and moving away from the vaginal opening. Use a new, clean wipe for each pass if possible.

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