Xiang Li
Xiang Li profile

Xiang Li is one third year student in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Western University


•   Using JavaFX to design GUI and simple interface applications

•   Designing better storage and faster Application by using UML and Flow diagram

•   Constructed PD and PI controller by using Math equation and MATLAB

•   Experienced with Assembly language and basic knowledge C to design microcontroller

•   Accomplished some programs by using Java and knowledge of Data structure  

•   Implemented basic control logic unit and basic logical circuit by using VHDL

•   Skilled with basic digital logical circuit design

•   Gaining knowledge of Basic CPU design

•   Creating some simple IOT by Arduino board platform  

•   Worked with Eagle to draw PCB board

•   Skilled with Cadence to design basic VLSI logic gate and electrical circuit

• Draw basic 3D object by using AutoCAD


Western University 2020 - 2024 (Expected).    Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering

Dean’s Honor List                                                                                                         2020

Dean’s Honor List                                                                                                         2021

The Bill and Barbara Etherington Research Fellowship                                               2023


1. Lead a team of three to design a crude Intelligent home monitoring System. In this system we use different LED in DE-10 as devices and input from knob of External peripheral as input. According to different input, different Device (LED) will light on.

2. Design a traffic light Using register and counter, so that it can turn on different pattern of LED in certain sequence or shape.

3. gain the experience of designing multiplier and divider of calculator. using parallel shift FullAdder and HalfAdder to impliment whole circuit.

4. Design a CPU control logic unit in one group with 4 members and test the control logic by using Morse code to encrypt a text file and decrypt the file.

5. Design an auto agriculture Green House system at Arduino platform, it can send command for different actuator according to surrounding environmentally light, temperature, humidity, wind strength.

6. Join the Western University's Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) Research group Which leaded by Professor Joshua M. Pearce, who is the John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation at the Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation.

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