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Random Permaculture Notes (not yet in formal part of this wiki)[edit | edit source]

Education[edit | edit source]

  • Permaculture integrated into the school curriculum via moodle
  • Transition Towns: online courses as support for The Great Re-Skilling

Zone 0 Permaculture[edit | edit source]

  • Kitchen permaculture
  • Recycling Mini-blinds: they make excellent garden plant markers (use grease pencil or china ink)
  • Bokashi and Bokashi_Workshop and the use of Friendly Microbes (specifically for reducing garbage in schools)
  • Creative Housing solutions for areas with extremely high real estate prices: Collective House
  • Tiny Homes with Rocket Mass Heaters

Weed Permaculture[edit | edit source]

  • Dandelion all year round (sprouting experiment)
  • Bindweed aka morning gloryW can be removed permanently by using Paul Wheaton's method:
    • Break your lawn into ten zones, numbered 1 to 10.
    • One day, go an pull all the bindweed and thistle from zone 1.
    • You might think that on the second day you will go and pull the bindweed and thistles from zone 2, but you would be wrong.
    • Go and pull them from zone 1 again. It should go much faster because you did such a thorough job yesterday. THEN go to zone 2.
    • On day three, pull the thistle and bindweed from zone 1, then zone 2 and then zone 3.
    • the theory is that constantly pulling the bindweed and depriving it of photosynthesis exhausts it and makes it vulnerable to rot [1]
  • Sunchoke Guild: sunchokes, ground nuts, and chinese artichoke. [2]

Permaculture-friendly Tools[edit | edit source]

Money Permaculture[edit | edit source]

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