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Drew Vincent[edit]


About Me[edit]

My name is Drew Vincent and I am a third year student at Michigan Technological University studying Electrical Engineering. My interests include automation and process controls.


Electronics Programming Automation Process Controls Renewable Energy Artificial Intelligence


  • Completed multiple projects at past co-op dealing with PLCs and process instrumentation.


Semester 1 Spring 2019


   This semester, Erica and I worked on the getting the Lasersaur ready for running print orders. The method that the Lasersaur used to traverse the Y-Axis, 2 stepper motors on 2 drivers with one working as a slave, was not working well enough to complete a print.  In theory, this design would provide more accurate movements, but ended up causing the 2 Y-Carts to jump off of the rails while moving.  I modeled and printed new Y-Carts designed to work with a single stepper motor attached to a shaft in the rear of the enclosure.  The shaft would then turn 2 belts, one at either end, attached to the Y-Carts.I also modeled and printed the stepper motor mount, shaft mounts, and belt pulleys.  
   The laser of the Lasersaur fires correctly and is able to be directed by the mirrors correctly. The Y-Cart stepper motor will need to be replaced and use an external stepper driver motor. This work will be completed by Erica and me over Summer 2019 so that print orders may be completed in Fall 2019.
Lasersaur Spring 2019
Fig 1: Lasersaur overall.  
Fig 2: Y-Cart remodel.  
Fig 3: Y-Motor mount  
Fig 4: Shaft mount.  

Design Expo:

   This semester I was able to go to Design Expo and explain to community members and faculty what we do with the enterprise.  
OSHE Prints
Fig 1: The poster created for design expo to showcase our enterprise.  
Fig 2: Zach and I manning the expo booth.