This blog, is a way for our design team to share ideas, inspiring images,cutting edge technologies, case studies and data center systems. It gives you a little window into our design process, but is only a small fraction of our obsessive research process.

Hyphae small clip on KQED[edit | edit source]

Dec 11, 2009 Story by: Katharine Meiskowski

hear the clip!

Hyphae featured in East Bay Express[edit | edit source]

Jun 9, 2010 June 09, 2010

“In a sign of what’s to come, Berkeley issues its first permit for interior use of rainwater.”

By Nate Seltenrich

Rainwater Collective, The East Bay Express

A first for Berkeley![edit | edit source]

system plans

After 4 months, 3 sets of revisions, a 5 page set of highly detailed plans, a 100+ page spec book and some praying…. we finally got a permit for the first residential indoor reuse of rainwater, Berkeley and Alameda County!

Now Kerby and Graham, are hard at work, on-site to get the system installed. Check back for more photos of the installation. Also, check out the dwell video, which also features this house.

Thanks, to Roger Rushing form the City of Berkeley, for working to get this historical system through the many agencies. Also thanks to Helen Degenhardt, the architect, for accommodating revisions and to Jim Williams and the Jetton crew for helping push it through.

See the press release from Jetton Construction

Steel Orca[edit | edit source]

Artist rendering of data center

Hyphae was selected as the Design Architect and Design Engineer for a new 6-acre data center in Pennsylvania.

We were given 3 weeks to develop a conceptual design, and here is what we came up with!

A project statement and more detailed breakdown of our design will be coming soon….

You can dig a little deeper into the project, by visiting our project specific research blog:


Dwell & Kohler get Hyphae[edit | edit source]

Dwell came by our studio with little more than a 2 day warning, but we were able to clean up a bit, a be a bit presentable. Thanks to Amanda Demeron from Dwell, and Gary Nadeau for filming

watch the video!

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