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The Hyphae Design Laboratory is a consulting and design firm dedicated to bridging the gap between innovative architecture and applied biological sciences.

In the sustainable design community, we embody the biological functions of a hyphal network. We provide the link between other disciplines to bring about deeply sustainable collaboration. We provide services from concept to construction and even maintenance on certain projects. Below is a list of our core services. Please contact us about our expertise in other services. Our core business is researching and designing functional regenerative ecosystems and consulting on product design,architectural design & engineering from schematic to construction documents. We also work in a wide range of other sectors from traditional scientific research to environmental art installations. Our core focuses include:

  • water conservation planning
  • living systems design & engineer
  • living roofs, wall, and other gravity defying living systems
  • greywater, rainwater treatment & reuse systems
  • bioremediation, ecological waste treatment & water reuse
  • living system maintenance & monitoring
  • LEED consulting and decision-making based on regional, economic & ecosystemic data
  • ecological performance modeling & building information systems
  • real-time environmental, air & water quality remote monitoring systems
  • research, development and prototype testing for product design, industrial ecology, and innovative architecture

hyphae (noun) plural for hypha: weblike, branching tubes which make up the body (or mycelium) of a multicellular fungus, responsible for symbiotically sharing nutrients between soil and plants.

Design Philosophy[edit | edit source]

We believe in the intelligence of nature. We research and design human ecosystems that adapt and function as living systems. We are a new breed of design firm, one that blurs the line between, science, art and ecology. We focus on providing innovative yet gracefully appropriate ecological design for both virtual and physical architecture. Bringing together environmental engineering, sustainable technologies, traditional biological sciences, and the emerging capabilities of virtual networks. We are a evolving team of ecologists, architects, chemists, molecular biologists, environmental engineers, and open source computer programmers. Our approach includes a range of both low-tech and high-tech systems, depending on the resources of the client, building codes and appropriate technology for the application and region.

Experience[edit | edit source]

We have designed living roofs, walls, and ecological landscapes and complex biological treatment systems for rainwater, greywater and wastewater. We have worked in a diversity of design fields and scales from residential, to commercial, institutional, hospitality, and municipal design. We have designed systems on both urban and rural scales and managed design phase of construction projects ranging from $25,000 to $50-million. Our clients include local and national architects, landscape architects and engineers. Please contact us for an up to date list of clients.

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