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A People’s Food Policy: interest in offering "help to ignite"[edit source]

copy of email to


I recently came across your website, having seen the earlier press release (but somehow not noticed the website)

I was very interested to see

and particularly the desire to crowd source ideas, build alliances and interest in creating a "wiki website"

I'm interested in creating some wiki pages out of the (policy) document within an existing (creative commons) wiki, or at the very least giving you a bit more information so's you can decide whether you'd might be interested to collaborate on something like this. (I'll try and be brief to start with, but happy to chat more if you might be interested.)

Community action for sustainability is a wiki I founded in 2004. Hosting arrangements varied later: briefly within Wiser

before merging into Appropedia (where it is now)

The scope of CASwiki is global and many of the pages are about specific locations, countries, cities and some smaller communities. UK pages have their own portal

There are also a variety of topic pages for example including Food activism

Some topic pages have also been developed for specific locations eg Food UK, Food London

(There are also a variety of pages within the wider (Appropedia) wiki eg see )

I'm posting a copy of this email on

and leaving a note on the Appropedia main discussion page:

Very much look forward to hearing back from you

Kind regards, Phil Green

Philralph (talk) 09:05, 10 January 2018 (PST)

A People’s Food Policy