All resources are organized in seven categories, each one dedicated to a useful tool for the competition activities Each category contains a list of related topics. When you click on a topic, a list of links will appear.

Using Appropedia: Tutorials and recommendations on using Appropedia, creating content and uploading resources.

Design and writing: Style guidelines for writing proposals and implementing design thinking on your projects.

Audiovisual: Tutorials and suggestions in case you need to take pictures, create video or record audio for your projects.

Digital and physical design: Tools and instructions in case you need to implement 3D simulations and digital reality on your projects.

Online work and collaboration: Tools and best practices for online teamwork, mentoring and collaboration.

Education: Guidelines and articles on creating effective education texts, assessments and resources.

Data and digital: Tools and best practices in case you need to implement data science and artificial intelligence on your projects.

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