This page is being created by Alex Hirzel and his research group at Michigan Tech to catalog publicly-available sources of solar irradiance data.

Goals for this page[edit | edit source]

Measured solar irradiation data is used in forecasting research. This page aims to provide a list of data sources and a summary of each. For now, we are focused on high-resolution (one hour or finer) data.

Main list[edit | edit source]

Name Country Area Resolution Format Method Notes
NSRDB USA maps of sites: 1961-1990, 1991-2010 1 hour Downloadable `.csv` ? "The National Solar Radiation Data Base 1961-1990 (NSRDB) contains 30 years of solar radiation and supplementary meteorological data from 237 NWS sites in the U.S., plus sites in Guam and Puerto Rico." Also: manual1990 manual2010
USCRN country area resolution format method notes
NREL MIDC USA map list ? ? method notes
WRDC worldwide (many countries) map hourly, daily tabulated HTML (values don't seem to be W/m^2?) data here
UTE (Uruguay national electric company) Uruguay ? 10 minute probably not publicly available Kipp & Zonen CMP6 pyranometers, described in Section 3.2 of this paper
CNE-GTZ (Spanish) Chile Pozo Almonte monthly mean, daily sum, and one randomly-chosen day at 1 hour resolution ? Kipp & Zonnen CMP11 pyranometers referenced in this paper, see Figure 3
National Solarimetric Archive (link? I can't read Spanish) Chile several (sporadic) monthly mean and one typical clear sky day at 1 hour resolution ? ? stations operated for various time periods, 2 to 21 years, calibration/uncertainty information is unavailable referenced in this paper, see Table 1
Dirección Meteorológica de Chile (Spanish) Chile several (sporadic) 10 minute excel spreadsheet pyranometer publically available, small fee covers processing costs. referenced in this paper, see Table 2
paper?? Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, China, India, Nepal, Iceland, Japan ? ? ? see Japanese references This paper references observations made/published by a Japanese team. Looks like good data behind a language barrier. May be able to email authors for data.
(from Tropical Glaciology Group at U of Innsbruck, Austria) Peru Glaciar Artesonraju, Peruvian Andes 30 minute ? Kipp & Zonen CNR1 pyranometer may be able to email authors for data? referenced in this paper, see Section 2.1
(data set referenced in thesis) Ecuador various (see pg 29) hourly, 2-hourly ? Kipp & Zonen CM3 pyranometer dissertation
name country area resolution format method notes
name country area resolution format method notes
name country area resolution format method notes
name country area resolution format method notes

To research further (high priority)[edit | edit source]

Priority one evaluate: SoDa large list of data files list of sites

Slurp up: SoDa list separated by satellite and ground

Low priority[edit | edit source]

Lists (to evaluate): [1] [2] [3] big list of canadian sources

Paid data sources: [4] [5] SoDa SolarGIS

Dead links: [6]

Countries completed: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

need to do: Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Guiana, Brazil, central america

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