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Screw driver

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MOST Delta filament as guide.JPG This page was part of an MTU course MSE4777 OA and MSE4777 OB/MSE5777/EE4777/EE5777: Open-source 3-D printing

Please leave comments using the discussion tab. The course runs in the Fall semester. It is not open edit.

Screw Driver[edit]

Components [1] [2]

This OSAT has been designed but not yet tested - use at own risk.


  1. With this design I always see screw drivers being made, however I wanted a simple design of a screw driver but also allowing me to store bits in the design.

Bill of Materials[edit]

    1. RepRap 3D printer ($500)
    2. PLA filament (1 spool - $25)
    3. screwdriver bits ($7.97)-

Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT[edit]

  1. MOST Delta RepRap or similar RepRap 3-D printer
  2. Elmers Glue Stick

Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the OSAT[edit]

  • No special skills required

Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions[edit]

  1. Provide directions for print/assembly - be detailed enough in your “how to” to ensure that someone could construct the device from your description. Consider the elegance of IKEA like instructions.
  2. time estimate 2 HOURS
  3. 5 minutes

Common Problems and Solutions[edit]

  • some problems are the hole for the end bit
  • and cap correctly fitting

Cost savings[edit]

  • If your solution is not a low cost one then it is not really appropriate.
  1. 48grams = $1.20
  2. $15.07 commercial equivalent - Screwdriver Sets: Klein Toolss 5-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set 70035
  3. 15.07-1.20=13.87