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Sample Tracking[edit | edit source]

Naming convention[edit | edit source]

The file name of the dataset includes track back to the deposition system and the technique. Will vary from letters to numbers.

First letter(s) is project name
Second number(s) is sample number for project
Third letters(s) data type
Fourth numbers(s) data number for sample


  • M1SEM1 is M sample 1 SEM image 1
  • M1SEM2 is M sample 1 SEM image 2

Documentation[edit | edit source]

  1. All depositions should be documented in the deposition logs in hard copy - and we will set up an electronic master document on a shared drive.
    1. Links to shared document (Perhaps to make it easier - we can print the spreadsheet and add it to the log book after each run).
  2. During the deposition we need to carefully document everything so that if we end up with good (or bad) results we have a chance of figuring out what is going on. We need clear/repeatable protocols for everything associated with the deposition systems
    1. MBE protocol:MOST
  3. Each characterization technique must be documented in a broad sense with our standard protocols, resolutions, etc. - but then details kept for each individual output:
    1. PL(Chenlong)
    2. SEM (Ben)
    3. Ellipsometry protocol: MOST
    4. QE protocol:MOST
    5. IV (Ben and Joseph).
    6. XRD (X-ray Diffraction) protocol: MOST

Similarly we need a shared 'cloud' space to store all this stuff and so we can all access it. -- Need good solution