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Code sheet, calculated on weight for pediatric patients (click to see).

Nurse and Receiving Team Room Checklist for Post-op Care[edit | edit source]

All Team members should have basic Knowledge of ICU care and procedure preformed

  • Room has monitor & cables (unless OR monitor used once arrives)
  • Suction set up with Y or separate for Chest tube atrium and oral/ ET suction if needed.
  • Bag and mask at bedside with oxygen supply (unless hospital provides with patient from OR)
  • Code sheet with patients weight for emergency medication  (attached is sample sheet that can be copied and calculated
  • Team communication prior to arrival regarding handoff and expectations
  • Upon patient arrival – Bedside RN gives permission to the team for handoff to begin (team starts when nurse focused and ready for report). See below[1][2]
  • Vital Signs (Q 15 min for first 30 mins, Q 30 mins first hour and Q hour moving forward, chest x-ray and labs should be obtained.
  • Monitor Chest tube output Q 30 min first 2 hours then Q hour.

Systematic team approach to report[edit | edit source]

Detailed report given
  • Anesthesia,
  • Surgeon
  • OR Nurse
MD stating expectations
  • Vital sign parameters
  • Potential complication
Team in giving Handoff from Operating Room
  • Chest Tube output parameters
  • Any other patient specific factors related to care
Bedside RN
  • Repeats back expectations
  • Clarifies any questions about safe care

References[edit | edit source]

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