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Remote spectral prediction for PV applications

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Research Resources and reading list[edit]

Appropedia Articles[edit]

RTM pages[edit]

How to install these on Linux (Ubuntu): Installing RTM Software on Linux


  • Rob Andrews Thesis Proposal- Overview of thesis activities, and description of initial work and validations
  • Complied_spectral.mat- Initial compiled spectral information
  • Spectral_Correction.m- Prototype SBdart cloud optical thickness scheme
  • Spectral_program_comparison.m- Initial validation of codes vs. AM1.5 and NREL measured spectra. Includes spectral plane transformation code for anisotropic sky
  • Concatenate_spectral.m- Includes spectrum validation files
  • sbdartf.m- function to call the SBdartnopause.exe program, and import results
  • RRTM.m- RRTM wrapper for matlab
  • Isc_Prediction_submission.pdf- Paper outlining idendification algorithm for clear/cloudy days from timeseries. Also outlines the effects of spectral mismatch on panel performance.

Raditation databases[edit]