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Potential groupsource websites for 3D printed tensile bars:MOST

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Sunhusky.png By Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
Contact Dr. Joshua Pearce - Apply here

MOST: Projects & Publications, Methods, Lit. reviews, People, Sponsors, News
Updates: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


3d Printer Operators & Websites for Printing Tensile Specimen[edit]

Feel free to update as companies emerge or close


Group :




Ultimaker - In netherlands

Fully Assembled RepRaps[edit]

RepRap Parts Kits[edit]

Full Reprapped Kits

Everything you need with RepRap-printed parts.

Non-RP Kits

Everything you need with parts made other than in a RepRap.

RepRap Parts Webshops[edit]

Lots of people sell RepRap-printed RepRap parts on Ebay.

  • Reprap forum