Pineapple Self-Watering Planter with Plant
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Authors Haley Alexis Edie
Status Designed
Tools 3d printer
Cost USD $ 1.22
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Part of MY4777
Type Project, Device
Keywords gardening, self-watering, plants, planter, 3 printing, osat, cotton, PLA
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Haley Alexis Edie
Published 2019
License CC BY-SA 4.0
Affiliations MTU
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Location Michigan, USA

Big Money Project. This is a pineapple self-watering planter remixed with FreeCAD. It was taken from an original pineapple planter created by DasMia (Cults3D Link) and remixed into a self-watering planter. The top piece has a hole in the bottom for 100% cotton to be thread through to carry water from the bottom water void. This enables the water to take advantage of the capillary effect and self-water your plant.

Link to part on myminifactory: Self-Watering Planter on myminifactory

Link to part: Pineapple Self-Watering Planter on Thingyverse *Note* This had to be put on Thingyverse because myminifactory does not accept freeCAD models and the file was too large for libre3D.

Pineapple Self-Watering Planter CAD

Pineapple Self-Watering Planter Parts

Cost savings[edit | edit source]

Commercial Equivalent - $18.99 - Wayfair Pineapple Planter

*Note* Commercial Equivalent is not a self-watering planter.

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Total Cost of 3D Printed Version: $1.22 Cost of Commercial Version: $18.99

Cost Savings: $17.77

Percent Saved: 93.58%

Issues to be resolved[edit | edit source]

The following problems are problems that I found in this version that I will be fixing on later versions:

  • The bottom is not thick enough to hold water. A few extra layers will be added to solve this issue.
  • The two pieces don't fit together nicely. Either a chamfer on the connection point or a redesign of the connection point will be considered.

Note: If you have ideas I'd love to hear them! This is such a cute design so I'd love to perfect it!