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The Permaculture Boot Camp is an experiential learning environment where people develop the skills needed to fully practice the ethics and systems of permaculture. It is an intensive, hands-on program developed by permaculture advocate Paul Wheaton of Missoula, Montana.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In the Permaculture Bootcamp, the individuals participating (colloquially called "boots,") are guided in growing gardens, food forests and a rich array of food systems all to feed those in the bootcamp.  They will learn natural building techniques that will house other 'boots.'  An entire collection of permaculture and homesteading experiences are harnessed that will build a community based on permacuture principles.

Specific skills[edit | edit source]

Growing food by organic means: Using techniques that replace irrigation with permaculture.

Natural building

Alternative energy:

Food preservation:

  • fermenting
  • canning

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