Open Source Salt Spray Chamber

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About this device
Before chamber.jpg
Keywords 3D printing, salt spray chamber modifications, open source design
Uses industry, education, academic research
Authors Cleyton Cavallaro
Status Implemented
Made? Yes
Replicated? No
Designed in United States
Affiliations MOST
Cost USD $ 33.00
SDGs SDG08 Decent work and economic growth
License data
Hardware CC BY-SA 4.0
Instructions data
Translation data

This project was first designed to upgrade a salt spray chamber on Michigan Technological Universities campus. The project has been expanded to convert all designs of the salt spay chamber to open source design.

Project goals[edit | edit source]

  1. Plan upgrades
  2. Execute Upgrades
  3. Make BOM and instructions for entire chamber
  4. Profit

Design[edit | edit source]

All design files are hosted on The links for each file are listed below.

Costs[edit | edit source]

This table shows the cost savings for the current modifications to the chamber.

Nozzle Clamp Insulation Bracket Coupon Rack Hood Props Chamber Drain TOTAL
Original Price $5 $30 $400 for 4 $60 $10 $505
New Price <<$1 $16 for 16 <<$1 each $11.30 <<$1 $33
Savings $5 $14 $100 $48.70 $10 $472

Conclusions[edit | edit source]

This salt spray chamber would save approximately $19,000 from our first rough estimates. Our current modifications now save approximately $475 assuming that just 4 sample racks are needed. These modifications can easily be put into most chambers with only small changes needed. This chamber has no loss in quality, and currently complies with all ASTM standards.

Project Members[edit | edit source]

Cleyton Cavallaro, Thomas Korejsza, Eli Gooding, Erik Bain, Mike Holt, Kyle Barie