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Snap together shovel
Open Source Salt Spray Chamber

Michigan Technological University

4th year undergraduate

Materials Science and Engineering Major

Electronic Materials Minor


Boardsport Technologies Enterprise
Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity


Blacksmithing, Jewelry Making, 3D Printing, Longboarding, Backpacking, Sailing

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Corporate Quality Intern at ArcelorMittal
While at ArcelorMittal I focused on several main projects. These included standardization of all packaging standards for manufacturing plants in the United States as well as standardizing the test reports and significant figures for all plants.
  • Student Research Assistant at Kunkel Pathology Laboratories
While researching at the University of Michigan Laboratories, I conducted tests focused on the effects of Set-Db2 on post-influenza infections. This research was published in PLOS Pathogens.

Skills[edit | edit source]


Autoclave, torch, butane torch, arc welder, HCL acid, centrifuge, 3D printer, blacksmithing


Microsoft Office, Macintosh and Windows, MATLAB, UGNX, Magma, Minicab, ThermoCalc, Prisma

Projects[edit | edit source]

Current Research[edit | edit source]

CEO Utility Pay[edit | edit source]

CEO Utility Pay Literature Review

3D Printing[edit | edit source]

Printed using the Athena 3D Printer.

Jewelry[edit | edit source]

Images to be added soon

Blacksmithing[edit | edit source]

Images to be added soon

Custom Stand Up Paddleboard[edit | edit source]

This project is a senior design project through BoardSport Technologies Enterprise at Michigan Technological University.

Future Projects[edit | edit source]