openCCS is a wiki-style knowledge base for carbon capture and storage (CCS), located at

openCCS is a project of the Global CCS Institute, an independent nonprofit established by the Australian government to accelerate global deployment of CCS (carbon capture and storage) projects.

The ultimate purpose of openCCS and the Global CCS Institute is to mitigate climate change by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by power plants and other industrial sources powered. Sharing knowledge in this way is intended to facilitate the development of new projects through wider knowledge of the methodologies, best practices and technologies needed for a successful CCS project.

Scope[edit | edit source]

The scope of openCCS includes:

  • Methodologies
  • Best practices
  • Lessons learned
  • Technologies

Every stage and aspect is covered, including carbon capture, transport, storage and utilisation. The term carbon capture, utilisation and storage better encapsulates the range of subjects covered.

Access[edit | edit source]

"Mature" articles are viewable by all.

Registration is required to edit or to view "Draft", "Developing" or "Under review" articles. Registration is by a simple online application. The intention is to ensure that editors have some degree of expertise or understanding of the field.

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