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OSAT Bike Seat

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OSAT Bike Seat[edit]

Project developed by User:Bpeticolas
This OSAT has been designed but not yet tested - use at own risk.
This OSAT has been prototyped.

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This OSAT project is appropriate for countries where bikes are heavily relied on and cheap spare parts are helpful and necessary. In many countries people may be unable to afford replacement parts so this project provides a much cheaper alternative that is also very quick to access.

  1. Picture of completed print using
    OSAT Bike Seat CAD Drawing.jpeg

Bill of Materials[edit]

The project comes in either 2 or 3 parts. Depending on the size of your 3d printer, you may have to print the seat in 2 prints. My 3D printer was only able to print 200mm x 200mm which is too small for the desired product. I split the seat up into the front and back. The front part takes 47g of PLA filament. The back part takes 187g. The seat post which meets the universal bike post diameter takes 51g of filament. This totals 285g which is around $6 per project at $23 per kg.

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OSAT Bike Seat.JPG

Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT[edit]

  1. Jellybox or similar RepRap 3-D printer
  2. 285g of PLA filament
  3. 35mm M5 screw

Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the OSAT[edit]

No special skills needed to reproduce this OSAT project except knowledge of how to run a 3D printer

Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions[edit]

  1. 1.75mm PLA
  2. 0.2 resolution
  3. 50% infill
  4. Printed with supports
  5. Print time ~ 24 hours
  6. Assembly time < 5 minutes

Common Problems and Solutions[edit]

  • Not printing with supports
  • Printing with too little infill

Cost savings[edit]

  1. $6
  2. Average bike seat cost on Amazon is around $20 or higher
  3. Commercial equivelant: [[1]]
  4. $14 or 70% cheaper