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Type Medical skill
Keywords medical, trauma
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG03 Good health and well-being
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Authors GSTC
Published 2020
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A non-rebreather mask(NRB) is used in patients who need more oxygen than can be supplied by nasal cannula. With the NRB, oxygen can be supplied at a rate of 10-15 liters per minute (lpm), corresponding to approximately 60% - 80% O2. The non-rebreather mask covers both the nose and mouth of the patient and attaches with the use of an elastic cord around the patient's head.

The NRB has an attached reservoir bag, typically one liter, that connects to an external oxygen tank or bulk oxygen supply system. Before an NRB is placed on the patient, inflate the reservoir bag to greater than two-thirds full of oxygen. If during inspiration, the bag deflates and does not re-inflate fully between breaths, then increase the O2 flow.