Juana Ernandez-Gomez of Foro posing with two Modified Justa Stove beneficiaries in Jech Entik Village, Chiapas. Photo courtesy of Tirian Mink, June 2010.
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Location Chiapas, Mexico
Fig 1: Metal insert rocket box style combustion chamber of the traditional Justa Stove.
Fig 2: Example of the Modified Justa Stove combustion chamber. Note the bricks in the back that act as baffles to funnel the hot gases towards the cooking surface and exit.

The Modified Justa Stove is a version of the Justa stove. This particular version is being disseminated by Foro Para el Desarollo Sostentable Stove Dissemination Program located in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas. The Foro stove team refers to this stove as the Justa Mejorada which in Spanish means the "Improved Justa." This page is titled "Modified Justa" because calling this stove an "Improved Justa" may be misleading given that there have been no laboratory or field tests done on this stove. The main modification that characterizes this Modified Justa from the original Justa is in the design of the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber of the Justa has a classical rocket box shape, made of metal or tile, that has been proven in laboratories to lead to highly efficient transference of energy from the biomass fuel to the cooking surface. In comparison to this the Modified Justa has a larger combustion chamber that is built with bricks. There is no rocket box.

Examples of Modified Justa Stoves in and around San Cristobal de las Casas:

Location: Found in Chiapas State of southern Mexico

Organizations using this stove: Foro Para el Desarollo Sostentable Stove Dissemination Program

Building specifications[edit | edit source]

Materials[edit | edit source]

Material Dimensions Quantity
bricks 6 x 12 x 24 cm 60
mortar mix
1-2 buckets
plancha standard commercial size 1
chimney pipe 10 cm diameter as many as necessary to direct smoke out of the house

Step by step[edit | edit source]