Assignment[edit | edit source]

  • Register with a free account at
  • Get design assignment from cup for household item
  • Using Blender or OpenSCAD or FreeCAD or combination of them to decorate item with Celtic knots (using one of the methods covered in class).
  • Print your design with appropriate infill for item.
  • Upload design to Youmagine (STL,source and photograph) with a brief description of how you did it with sources.
  • In Appropedia gallery below add your image and hyperlink to your design on Youmagine
  • Bring printed design to class on 10/21 – put your name on the paper slip and the class you are in and tape it to your design so that it will not come off!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Add your image and hyperlink to the gallery below using the example format.

Discussion[View | Edit]

  1. Light Switch Cover
  2. Electric Outlet Cover
  3. Ceiling Fan Light Shade (small)
  4. Ceiling Fan Blade Riders
  5. Curtain Tie Backs (wall mount)
  6. Drawer Handles
  7. Candlestick holder
  8. Mantle rider
  9. Window handle
  10. Door handle
  11. Door handle plate
  12. Light Shade
  13. Coasters
  14. Lamp
  15. Shelf holder
  16. Picture frame
  17. Book end
  18. Coasters
  19. Coaster holder
  20. Napkin holder
  21. Corner molding
  22. Drapery ties
  23. Torc
  24. Pencil holder
  25. Jewelry box
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