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Kerosene lamps

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Kerosene lamps are a simple form of lighting, widely used in poor communities where there is no electricity. They are relatively cheap to buy,[verification needed] but can be a significant expense to supply with fuel.

Kerosene (of a suitable grade) is also used as aircraft fuel, raising the question of why aircraft fuel, sometimes subsidized by governments with limited funds, is subsidized for purposes that many other fuels could satisfied, especially considering peak oil.

Kerosene lamps and kerosene cookers are a source of indoor smoke, causing health problems (in particular respiratory disease and eye disease), although they are not generally as bad as dung fires. This is a major public health issue, as respiratory and eye diseases are major causes of death and disability.

They are also a source of carbon emissions. While this is not a major source, there is an opportunity to earn money through carbon credits, by switching from kerosene to renewable energy, e.g. solar lighting.

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