The "Pup Hexayurt" is a small structure made from a single sheet of 1:2 material (usually insulation foamboard, like the large hexayurts). Cutting the sheet into four equal rectangles, there is enough to create the needed roof triangles and all wall panels but one. Useful for sheltering equipment and supplies.

Detailed Instructions[edit | edit source]


So, if you start with one sheet, this is the overview of cuts, where "W" is "wall", numbers are roof triangles (5a and 5b make a 5, likewise for 6):

You can also make a pentayurt (not a hexayurt) with 5 walls and 5 roof triangles (so it's taller than the hexayurt would be), and 6 (a and b) being waste.

Sample images of completed pup hexayurts:

If you change the cut pattern a little, you can get six walls rather than five. To do this each wall shrinks a little, being only 4/5ths of a square high. (19.2 inches by two feet.)

Here’s how:

  • Cut the board two, along the long axis, giving you two 2′ x 8′ pieces.
  • Cut one of those pieces into five identical rectangles.
  • Cut the other as described to give you the triangles, plus a square, which you trim down into the sixth rectangle.
  • Not *quite* as elegant as the five wall because it produces some wastage, but workable.
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