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Full design specs and instructions are here on Google Docs. [please post an image or pdf here, or something - Google Docs is worse than useless]

The Octayurt is big enough for two people, including their gear, and very comfortably sleeps up to three people.

Pros: This smaller design requires only six 8'x4' panels, half of the amount required for the Classic Hexayurt.

Cons: It requires more cuts and taping per panel than the Classic Hexayurt.


The footprint of the Octayurt is 9.66' x 9.66', yielding about 77 square feet of floorspace. It's height is 8.4' from ground to the tip of the roof.

We staked it down with four ratcheting straps, a rope halo, and 8 pieces of rebar. Ratcheted down tightly it didn't move, even when tested by very strong winds. We made it dust proof by taping the bottom edges to the tarp on the inside and outside.


We took it down by turning it on its side, cutting off all the wall panels, and then alternating inside/outside cuts in the taped roof edges. This allowed the roof panels to fold together in one piece, like an accordion, making storage and rebuild easier.

We were very happy with this design, and will be reusing it again next year.

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