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Hexayurt events

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Newsflash: we now have fire test data on R-MAX / Tuff-R. . Please read the Hexayurt Safety Information before building your hexayurt

Burning Man 2013[edit]

Join us for the 5th Annual Black Rock City Hexayurt Happy Hour, Burning Man 2013. Wednesday the 28th, 1-4 pm, at Playagon Village, 8:45 & D. We'll be serving Gin and Tonics, the Official Drink of the Hexayurt Project. More beverages, shwag, and snacks welcome. Extra points if they're hexagonal. Clothing optional, but remember: silver is the new black.

There's also a group buy being organized on the hexayurt mailing list, talk of a big construction workshop, group buys for materials, and many other interesting and exciting things.

If you're involved in any of these, please edit this page and put the details here! Thank you!

Hi! I'm Lysa, also known as Dazzle! on the playa. I'm doing Hexayurt tours at Burning Man this year on Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:00 in Silicon Village. located at 6:00 between D and F (we are a big theme camp and have a double block). I know my tours conflict with happy hour but hey, its the playa. Most of my tour will be of hexayurts in our village, but I am open to venturing out. Will be discussing materials, options, and styles. Might have a "hexayurt happens" stamp if I can get it together. Will serve Gin and Tonics if I can get it together.