The Gigabot is claimed by Re:3D to be the "World's Only Affordable Large-Format 3D Printer". It follows a RepRap basic architecture, but is 600mm x 600mm x 600mm build envelope. It does not use printable parts but instead a sturdy industrial aluminum frame.It is open source hardware and the company is very interested in using it for open source 3-D printing of OSAT (OSAT=open source appropriate technology).

One of the prime benefits of such a large 3D printer is that it opens up the potential to do 2 head printing - with one head for the external high-resolution printing and the other large orifice head for rapid fill. In this way you could print something like a toilet using recyclebot fabricated waste plastic as the infill and the majority of the mass of the toilet - while still maintaining finer exterior details.

Winner of a the Gigabot social good contest

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