For this assignment, create a userpage at Appropedia. Include a photograph, information about you, your interests and your experience.

While it would be ideal to see your real name and image there, please feel free to keep this information and photo very anonymous and vague, especially if you have any discomfort sharing publicly.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Create an Appropedia account

If you haven't already, create a new Appropedia account following the steps listed on Help:Create account. Make sure to:

  • Create a user name that easily identifies you.
  • Set a strong password.
  • Confirm your email address.
For more information, see Help:Create account.
Go to your user page and start editing it by adding relevant professional and professional information about yourself.

Use this as an opportunity to test how a wiki works. If you're curious about what you can do here on Appropedia, please check Help:Editing.

Make sure to:

  • Use your real name, location and nationality. (For students, this is not mandatory. Feel free to stay more anonymous if you desire).
  • Include a photo.
  • List your professional information.
  • Include your academic or professional affiliations.
  • List your particular skills and interests.
Step 3: Post your user page on Canvas

Video Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Check these videos for a reference on how to create your account and user page.

How to create your account

Tutorial on how to create an Appropedia account

Language: English (EN)
How to create a user page

Tutorial on how to create a user page

Language: English (EN)

Evaluation Criteria[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Correct format (replaced ALLCAP text, includes category, etc.)
  • Includes (non-copyrighted image)
  • Quality content
  • Link posted to Canvas.
Assignment Scores
Score Requirements
10 Met all of the requirements and added something extra such as internal links, additional info, etc.

Image is named something unique, e.g. YOURUSERNAMEHSUBEACH.jpg

9 Met all of the requirements.
8 Met 80% of the requirements.
7 Met about half of the requirements.
5 An attempt at a user page.
0 Not submitted and/or image name is not unique.
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