This is a sortable Directory of Environmental Organizations and Resource Persons in Tamil Nadu including their specialization's and locations in Tamil Nadu state, South India. It is adapted from a more detailed 2008 WWF publication[1] and includes many additions {*}.

This list will increase knowledge of the professional environmental community in Tamil Nadu by the general public. It will be useful to policy makers, National Green Corps coordinators, teachers, NGOs, researchers and students seeking wider collaboration with knowledgeable environmental resources in Tamil Nadu.

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Government organizations[edit | edit source]

Organization Person[1] Specialties Place Photo
Department of Environment Annamalai IFS, PCCF, Dr. R.[2] Forest Management & Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Environmental Protection & Management, Coastal Management Chennai
Department of Environment, Environmental Information System (ENVIS)[3] Knight, Mr. John Daniel Marcus Environmental Expert Database,[4] Online Database creation, Answering environmental query, Library Information System Chennai
Department of Environment Kamaraj, Dr. M. Groundwater with RS and GIS HTL demarcation and GPS survey, Land use planning Geomorphology and Geology Chennai
Department of Environment Reddy I.F.S., Mr. K.S.S.V.P. Coastal Management, Wild Life Management, Environmental Awareness Chennai
Department of Environment Jacob, Dr. C. Thomson, Member Secretary Environmental Information System, Water pollution, Senior Programme Officer, State of Environment (SoE) Report/Atlas/Video film, web based database on (SoE), ISBEI database, Loss of Ecology Authority, GOI Damage assessment studies in Tamil Nadu, Chennai
Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology[5] * Ramaswamy, Dr. E., Member Secretary Policy, Liason and coordination of government scientific agencies, Awareness Programmes, Training Programmes, Exhibitions, Seminars and Lectures Chennai
Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology Vincent, Dr. S., Member Secretary Science and Technology, Eco Campus Initiatives, Environmental, Awareness creation, controlling the Vector mosquitoes in Chennai, GIS Strategy for Storm Water Management, Community based disaster preparedness in Pulicate. Chennai
Center for Environmental Education, Tamil Nadu State Office[6] Nagarajan, Mr. Ramjee Grants program, Capacity Building, Resource Material Development, Outdoor education, Natural Resource Monitoring, Livelihood development, Environmental education, teaching materials, bird Interpretation Centre, Eco-Club, Environmental Management framework, Eco-restoration Tamil Nadu, Chennai HQ
(TNFD) Tamil Nadu Forest Dept.[7] Sekar I.F.S. Dr. T. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (HQ) Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Planing and implementing Forest Development, Environmental Management Chennai
Tamil Nadu forest cover: 17.4%
(TNFD) Tamil Nadu Forest Department Baiaji, I.F.S, Dr. S., Chief Conservator of Forests and Member Secretary of State Forest Commission. Forestry, Environment, Biodiversity assessment Chennai
(TNFD) Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History Balasubramanian, Dr. P.[8] Landscape Ecology, Plant - animal Interactions, Field research on plants and birds Coimbatore
Salim Ali "The Birdman of India"
(TNFD) Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Somasundaram, Dr. S. Wildlife - Ornithology, Ornithology Research, GIS Training, Nature education resources, Chronobiology, Molecular analysis Coimbatore
(TNFD) Arignar Anna Zoological Park Bhabkar, Mr. N. Reptiles and Ornithology, Eco - Education Chennai
Birds at Arignar Anna Zoo
(TNFD) Arignar Anna Zoological Park Mimozhi, Dr. A. Zoo animal Research, Education and Conservation, Maintenance of Mammals, Biologist Chennai
(TNFD) Tamil Nadu Forest Dept. Quarters, Guindy Childrens Park Kamaraj, Mr. G. Wildlife Conservation, Environment Education, Eco-awarenes Camp, Forest Officers Training Chennai
(TNFD) Tamil Nadu Forest Dept., Koothankulam Bird Sanctuary Pandian, Mr. Pai Bird Watcher, Guide for Bird Watchers, Protection of Koonthankulam birds for 20 yrs., Nursing and release of deserted birds Koonthankulam
CSMCRI - Marine Algal Research Station Eswaran, Dr. K. Photosynthesis of higher Plants, Seaweed cultivation & processing for phycocolloids Mandapam
(TNFD) Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary (PCWBS) Balasubramanian, Mrs. Mangaiam Municipal Solid Waste Management Kodiakkarai, Vedaranyam
Blackbuck Antelope, Flagship species of PCWBS
(TNFD) Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary Manikannan, Mr. R. Wildlife Biology, Field Biologist Kodiakkarai, Vedaranyam
(TNFD) Chennai Snake Park Kannan, Dr. P. Wildlife Biology, Sea Turtles, Sea Snakes, Agamid Lizards Chennai
(TNFD) Chennai Snake Park Rajaratinam, Mr. R. Floristic Survey of Chennai, Reptile Husbandry, Environmental Education Chennai
National Biodiversity Authority[9] Kannaiyan, Dr.S. Microbiology-Agricultural Chennai
(TNFD) Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust[10] Naganathan I.F.S., Mr. V. Wildlife Management in Gulf of Mannar, Eco-development and Eco-tourism, Interpretation Education Ramanathapuram
Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board Rayudu, Dr.V.N. Deputy Director (Lab) II[11] Air Pollution Control, Advanced Environmental Laboratory, Analytical quality control, Environmental Training Chennai
National Institute of Ocean Technology Venkatesan, Mr. R. Scientist and Group Head OSTI - Ocean Science and Technology for Islands, Island Eco system marine sciences Chennai
Zoological Survey of India Aengais, Dr. R. Reptile Identification, Wildlife Biology, field surveys Chennai

Non-government organizations[edit | edit source]

Organization Person[1] Specialties Place Photo
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-India, Tamil Nadu State Office[12] Johnson I.F.S. Retd., Mr. J. Mangalaraj Primate Specialist- IUCN , Chairman WWF-India: TNSO, Advisor Conservation Education Planning, Execution of Rain Forest Conservation Chennai
WWF, Tamil Nadu State Office Dakshinamurthy, Dr. V., State Director[12] Ethnobotany, Non-formal Environmental Education, Art from Nature, Photography, Bird Area sites, Network with NGOs, Eco-camps for children Chennai
WWF, Tamil Nadu State Office Murali, Mr. J. Environmental education, Education for Sustainable Development, Eco-Tourism, Training Teachers & NGOs, Curriculum development, Resource materials Chennai
WWF, Tamil Nadu State Office Anand, Mr. S. Wetland Ecology, Wildlife, Environmental Education, Sustainable Development, Research on Birds Chennai
WWF - India Ahimaz, Mr. Preston Snakes, Spiders, Wildlife in general, Eco-tourism, Naturalist Field Director, Nature camps New Delhi
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre[13] Amirthalingam, Mr. M. Sacred groves, Sacred trees, Botany, Research in Ecological Traditions, Chennai
Sacred Banyan tree
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems* Balasubramanian (Director), A.V. indigenous knowledge systems, Diversity[14] Chennai
Anamalai Nature Information Centre* Jeganathan P.[15] Conservation Education Valparai
Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) Rainforest Research Station* Ananda Kumar, M[16] Western Ghats Rainforests Valparai File:Nature Conservation Foundation.jpg
C. P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation[13] Krishna , Dr. Mrs. Nanditha Indian Art Culture and History, Environmental Education, Heritage Conservation Chennai
Group for Nature Preservation and Education[17] Raghavan, Dr. Bindu Veterinary medicine, Wildlife and Livestock Diseases, Human Interactions, Natural Resource Use Chennai
Group for Nature Preservation and Education Ishwar, Dr. N.M. Wetlands of Chennai Herpetofauna Chennai
Central Bank of India Chandrasekaran, Mr. S. Gulf of Mannar Birds, Flora and Fauna at Mumbai, Important Bird Area, Conservation awareness, Bird migration (waders) Chennai
East Coast Research and Development Trust[18] Pushparayan, Mr. M. Environmental Education Campaigns against unsustainable projects, Documentation centre Thoothukudi
Zoo Outreach Organisation Daniel, Dr. B.R. Entomology, Conservation Biology, South Asian Invertebrates Coimbatore
Institute for Restoration of Natural Environment[19] Grubh, Dr. Robert B. Ecological control of birdstrike to Indian Aviation, Bird conservation in Malaysian National Wetland, Consultant on Birds for Sarawak Nagercoil
Institute for Restoration of Natural Environment Grubh, Mrs. Shailaja Robert Environmental Education Specialist, workshops and seminars for Biology teachers, and Forest Officials, Nature Camps and Excursions for students Nagercoil
Tamil Nadu Green Movement[20] * Jayaprakash, C.R. Networking of NGOs, Nature Education, Conservation awareness, Judicial intervention, Media awareness and outreach, Ooty
Madras Naturalists Society[21] * Sudhakar Hon. Secy., K.V. Nature, Bird watching, Public awareness, Environmental conservation, Education, Chennai
Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association* Jayachandran, Hon.Secy, S Wildlife Conservation, environmental education, tree planting, bird watching, animal census, soil conservation Ooty
NWEA-Radcliffe fishing hut in Mukurthi National Park
Pavai Centre for Puppetry[22] Bhanumathi, Dr. R. Puppetry in environment education Chennai
Vattakanal Conservation Trust[23] * Stewart, Robert & Balcar, Tanya Grasslands restoration, Shola tree nursery and planting, rare and endangered plant preservation Kodaikanal Health of the Hills is wealth of the plains
Madras Crocodile Bank Trust* Narain, Payal coordinator, Whitaker, Nikhil curator Herpetology research, reptile zoo, captive breeding, venom extraction Mamallapuram
Marsh Crocodiles at the Croc Bank
MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Swaminathan, Prof. M.S., M.P Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Chairman MSSRF, Eco Technology, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity conservation, Community Development, Chennai
MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Mitra, Dr. Sudip Climate Change and Natural Resources Management Chennai
MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Arivvudai Nambi, Dr. V. Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge, Natural Resources, Environmental Friendly Tourism, Video film Chennai
MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Hariharan, Dr. G.N. Lichen Ecology, Bioprospecting Chennai
MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Selvam, Dr. V. Mangrove Conservation and Management, bio shield and integrated coastal zone management Chennai
Palani Hills Conservation Council[24] * Restoration forestry, sustainable development Kodaikanal
Conservation of Nature Trust[25] Lal Mohan, Dr. R.S. Wetland conservation, Dolphin protection, Desilting of tanks, Freshwater dolphins of Ganges and Brahmaputra, Dolphins and whales of India, Climate change, Ecology of fresh water tanks, Survey and protection of Heritage


Dhan Foundation[26] Saravanan, Mr. J. Design and Implement Rainwater harvesting, Water Coater Recycling System, Community based coastal research conservation and management Chennai
TREE Foundation[27] * Supraja, Dr. Dharini Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation, Aesthetics, Environment Education, Artist , Community Environmental Movement Chennai
Threatened Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
Nature's Trust[28] * Tirunaranan, K.V.R.K. Protect, maintain and retain Upper Palani Hills, Camper's Club, eight small cottages, educational tours and treks, eco-technology' training, Eurasian Eagle Owl Chennai, Mannavanur
Madras Institute of Development Studies Janakarajan, Dr. S. Agrarian institutions, interlinked agrarian markets, water management, water conflicts, stakeholder analysis and multi - stakeholder dialogues, urban and peri-urban issues, disaster management and livelihood resilience Chennai
All India Bioethics Association Azariah, Dr. Jayapaul[29] Environmental Ethics, Environmental History of Pulicat Lake, Imparting Alternate Skill to Pulicat Fisherfolk Chennai
Pulicat Fishing boat
Connect to Earth[30] Siyem Air pollution rife in India's villages, 06 Apr 2009, Green On-line Communuty, networking Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore Zoological Park and Conservation Centre[31] Kalaiarasan, Dr. V. Herpetology, Environmental Education Coimbatore
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Alliance[32] * organizational members India-based Neutrino Observatory opposition, legal action, public awareness, community involvement Nilgiri Hills
OSAI[33]* Kalidasan, K.[34] Eco activism, Public awareness campaigns, conservation battles,, networking, wildlife protection in the Western Ghats, its rivers, and river basins. Coimbatore
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre[35] * Devendra, Hon. Secy.: Ms. M. Bargavi Implementing Environmental Orientation to School Education Kanchipuram
Wikipedia Foundation, Wikipedia Encyclopedia* WikiProject Protected areas of India Workgroup Biosphere Reserves, National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Elephant Reserves, Tiger Reserves, Bird Sanctuaries Protected areas of Tamil Nadu
Scuba Social Service Organisation Joseph, Dr. Kanagara Nagaraj Seaweed cultivation and Fisheries Pudukkottai
Exnora International[36] Nirmal, Mr. M.B.NIRMAl Solid waste management Chennai
Zoo Outreach Organisation Marimuthu, Mr. R. Education Biology Coimbature
Wildlife Lovers Association Ali, Mr. S. Mohamed Nature conservation, Essays and articles in various popular media Mettupalayam
Aquaculture Foundation of India[37] Sakthive, Dr. M. Promotion of Aquaculture in India. Publishing of Books, posters on Marine life, Aquaculture and Seafood industries, Organizing Ocean Life Expo, Seminars & Workshops on Fisheries Aquaculture and Ocean life. Chennai
Chennai Treking Club Van Geit, Peter, Secy Environmental cleanup and awareness[38] Chennai
Madras Crocodile Bank Trust Whitaker, Mr. Romulas Earl Herpitology, Chengalpattu
Irula Snake Catchers Ltd.[39] Mani, Mr. S. Dravida Snake venom Production, Tribal Welfare, Agro-forestation, Non-formal Education Perur
Society for Environmental Education and Conservation Sampath, Dr. K.[40] Ecological studies of wetlands, National Environmental Awareness Campaign, Developing Eco - schools in Cuddalore district, Planting of saplings, Garbage management Chidambaram
Wildlife Association of Rajapalayam Raja, Mr. T.S. Subramaniya Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary, Awareness programmes among students, Wildlife census by students and teachers, Anti poaching efforts, prevent the spread of contagious diseases to wild animals Rajapalayam
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) Rodriquez, Mr. Sudarshan Coastal Management Bangalore
Chevliar society Derose, Dr. J. Tagore Marine Biologist, Director, Sea - weed cultivation, Fisheries and Mangrove plantation. Thoothukudi
C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre, Thirunavukkarasu, Mr. U. Botany and Education (Environmental Studies), Environmental Education Officer, Preparation of Environmental Literature, Textbook and Content development, Environmental education Chennai
Centre for Science and Environment* Narain, Sunita Director, Urban and Industrial water conservation Chennai
Bay of Bengal Programme Yadava, Director, Dr. Yugraj Singh Fisheries and Aquaculture, Increase awareness and knowledge of the needs, benefits and practices of coastal fisheries management, Enhance skills through training and education, Transfer appropriate technologies and techniques for development of small-scale fisheries, Establish regional information networking, Promote women’s participation in coastal fisheries development at all


Tamil Nadu Environment Council[41] Anthonysamy, L., State Convener[42] Environmental awareness and advocacy, Environmental Cultural Yatra Tamil Nadu, Chennai HQ

Schools[edit | edit source]

Organization Person[1] Specialties Place Photo
A.V.C. College Asokan, Dr. S. Ornithology and Ethology, birds as Biocontrol agents in Agro - Ecosystems, Teaching, Biodiversity Mannampandal
A.V.C. College, Dept. of Zoology, Thiyagesan, Dr. K. Wetland Ecology, Environmental Science, Reader in Zoology & Division of Wildlife Biology, Survey of wetland birds, statistical consultancy, EIA

Wildlife research

Annamalai University Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology Balasubramanian, Prof. T. Estuaries, Mangroves, Coral Reefs, Lagoons, information services Parangipettai
A.V.V.M Sri Pushpam college Balu, Dr. S. Medicinal Plants, Genetics, Ecology and Environment, Herbal Medicine, Phytotherapy, Organic farming Poondi
Neem tree leaves
Madras Christian College Baluswami, Dr. M. Algae (Freshwater and marine), taxonomy, ecology and utilization Chennai
Madras School of Economics Begum, Dr. I. Zareena Studies on the Removal of Arsenic, Economics of Municipal Solid waste Management in Tamil Nadu Cheenai
Annamalai University, CAS in Marine Biology[43] Chandran, Dr. S. Ravi Crabs - 46 species of reported, 13 species of Isopod fish parasites reported, monograph for identification of parasites, Biodiversity of marine sponges in Gulf of Mannar, Bioactive Peptides from crabs, Parangipettai Chennai
Scott Christian College Daniels, Dr. A. E. Dulip Bryophyte taxonomy and ecology, Database Nagercoil
STET Women’s College[44] Dhivaharan, Dr. V. Limnobiology, biodiversity of Folicolous Fungi in Western Ghats, medicinal herbs around Cauvery delta Mannargudi
STET Women’s College, Department of Microbiology Madhavan, Dr. S. Medicinal Plants, Medical Microbiology Mannargudi
Kodaikanal International School, Social Experience Green Team[45] * Plymale, Bryan Shola tree nursery and planting, environmental education Kodaikanal
Annamalai University, CAS in Marine Biology Fernando, Dr. Olivia J. Marine Benthic Ecology, Taxonomy of Polychaets and Nematodes Parangipettai
University of Madras/Guindy Godhantaraman, Dr. N. Microbiologists & microorganisms Database, answer queries on microorganisms publications Chennai
Institute for Environmental Research Social Education Lazarus, Dr. S. Mangrove Afforestation for Environmental Protection, Ecology of fresh water tanks, Faunistic Studies for Biodiversity Conservation, Artificial reefs for fishery enhancement, Ecofriendly Coastal Aquaculture, Fisheries Conservation Awareness among fisherfolk Nagercoil
A view of the Pichavaram Mangrove forest
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Lipton, Dr. A.P. Marine Biodiversity, Marine Microbes, Conservation by Sea Ranching, Teaching - Marine Natural Products Rajakkamangalam
Madras School of Economics Kumar, Dr. K.S. Kavi Database on Environmental Studies in India, Teaching and training support to students, technicians, economists Chennai
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Dept. of Civil Engineering Mohan, Dr. S. Rainwater harvesting, Tank Systems design, Modelling of Microorganism growth, Air Pollution Assessment and Modelling, Water Quality Model Chennai
A.V.C. College, Dept. of Zoology Nagarajan, Dr. R. Ornithology, Biostatistics, Wildlife Biology, Behavioural Ecology, Mannampandal
Anna University, Centre for Environmental Studies Nagendran, Dr. R. Environmental impact assessment, Industrial Ecology| Chennai
Anna University, Institute for Ocean Management Nammalwar, Dr. P. Mangroves conservation and management, Marine pollution monitoring, Protection and environmental management, Biodiversity, Chennai
Madras Christian College, Department of Plant Biology Narasimhan, Dr. D. Tree Planting, Floristic Exploration, Documentation of Knowledge on Threatened trees, Environmental Education Chennai
Bishop Heber College Pandiyan, Dr. J. Ornithology, Environmental awareness with Exnora, Biodiversity Conservation through local people, Assessment of pesticides, heavy metal issues through student projects Tiruchi
Kodaikanal International School, Social Experience Green Team[45] * Plymale, Bryan Shola tree nursery and planting, environmental education Kodaikanal
Anna University, Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research Ramachandran, Dr. A. Climate change and Global warming, Carbon sequestration potential, Joint Forest Management and Pichavaram Mangrove reforestation works. Chennai
Loyola College, English Dept. Ragamalika, Mrs. Environmental activism Chennai
Government Arts College, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, Rajan, Dr. S. Medicinal Plants - Survey and Collection, Documentation of rare and endangered plants and animals, Traditional knowledge of Nilgiris Udhagamandalam
Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, Manohar, Dr. B. Ram District Environmental Awareness Co-ordinator, Environmental Education. Publishing books on Wildlife and Environment, Guiding Wildlife and Ornithology expedition, Children’s Science Project (NCSC), Participating in Wildlife Census in Sanctuaries Pattukkottai
A.V.C. College, Dept. of Zoology and Wildlife Ramaswamy, Dr. G. Checklist of Amphibians in Protected Areas, Evaluation of pesticides on Amphibians, Survey of primates, Biodiversity documentation, Nature camps, Science congress Mayiladuthurai
Anna University, Institute of Ocean Management Ramesh, Dr. R., Director and ENVIS Coordinator Coastal Zone Management, Coastal Shelterbelts, Database on Coastal states of India, Collecting abstracts and articles related to Coastal Management Chennai
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, SPK Centre for Environmental Sciences Ravichandran, Dr. P. Conservation of Rare, Endemic and Threatened Plants, Grasses of South India, Training and Orientation on Natural Dyeing Alwarkurichi
Saraswathi Narayanan College Krishnan, Dr. R. Santhana Owls research, Nature Club, Trekking, Wildlife Census Madurai
A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College, Dept. of Botany and Microbiology Seivam, Dr. A. Panneer Natural way of life camp, Eco awareness programme, Students Seminar on Nature, Conservation Studies on Microflora of Muthupet Mangroves Poondi
A.V.C. College, Division of Wildlife Biology, Sathyanarayana, Dr. M.C. Wildlife/Parasitology WL Management/Biodiversity
Loyola College, Dept. of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology Selvanayagam, Dr. M. Environmental Science, Biotechnology Chennai
Scott Christian College Raj, Dr. Sobhana Botany / Bio-Chemistry, Planted more than 75000 saplings, Kanyakumari District Environmental - Profile (2001), Micro level Environmental status report (2004), Vision - 2020. K.K.- activist in preparation of the report (2007) Nagercoil
Annamalai University, CAS in Marine Biology Srinivasan, Dr. M. Marine Science, Fishery, Aquaculture Sea snakes, Grey Water Recycling, Marsh Crocodiles, Sandy beach benthos Parangipettai
New College Ismail, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Composting, Organic farming, Greywater management, Environment education, Soil Biology, Vermiculture Chennai
Rajah Serfogi Govt. College Sridharan, Dr. G. Wetland bird diversity, Zoology, University Grants Commission, Bird watching Thanjavur

Media[edit | edit source]

Organization Person[1] Specialties Place Photo
Wildlife and Conservation Film Making Dattatri, Mr. Shekar[46]* Filmmaking, Zoology, Wildlife film making and conservation, film on natural history, Environmental research and conservation writing Chennai
Kotteswaran, Mr. C.S.[1] Journalism Chennai
High Range Photography[47] Lockwood, Mr.Ian Photojournalism, Environmental journalism, Wildlife photography, Environmental education teaching Kodaikanal, Sri Lanka
Louis, Mr. Martin[1] Photojournalism, Wildlife photography Chennai
The Hindu Newspaper Oppili, Mr. P.[48] Forest, Wildlife, Environment, Special Correspondent, Environmental Journalism Chennai
Author Ratnam, Dr. K.[1] Birds of Tamil Nadu - an illustrated guide with colour drawings of 323 Species of Birds in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore
Hindu newspaper Swahilya, Mr. (formerly Akalia Dinakar)[1] Animal welfare journalism. Chennai Varma, Kalyan[49] * Wildlife Photography, empowerment of tribal people, India Nature Watch, Icon films, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation, Sanctuary Asia, Biological Science text books. Bangalore
Consultant Venkataraman, Mr. S.[1] Media Consultant, Environment Education, Conservation (Environment), Documentation Media Campaigns Chennai

Independent consultants[edit | edit source]

Organization Person[1] Specialties Place Photo
Independent Consultant Baskaran, Mr. S. Theodore Environmental education, Postmaster General (Retd.), Writing on wildlife - in Tamil and English Bangalore
Independent Consultant Iyer, Dr. Geetha Curriculum in environmental science, Training school for teachers Suchindrum
Independent Consultant Maheshwari, Dr. A.C. Asian Openbill Storks- Ecology Manakkal Ayyampettai
Institute for Environmental Research and Social Education Mary, Dr. Anita G. Biotechnology-Marine, Taxonomy of Marine Sponges, Corals, Marine Ornamental Fishes Nagercoil
Independent Consultant Menon, Mrs. Shobha Networking for sensitive greening, Campaign for care and concern for tree planting Chennai
Yendal Farm Nursery Nagarajan, Mr. Arun R. Treeplanting, Agriculture, Protecting Environment, Carbon Credit, Tribal Rehabilitation, Organic Farming, Mangos, Bird watching clubs Pattiveeranpatti
Independent Consutant Raj, Dr. P.J. Sanjeeva Pulicat Lake Eco-management, Keystone Species Propagation, Wetland Ecology and Biodiversity, Environmental Education

and Eco-tourism, Coastal Zone, Artificial Research, Fisherfolk.

Independent Consultant Raghavan Dr. Sekar Tree plantation awareness, water harvesting, waste water recycle, waste management, eco-sanitation Chennai
Independent Consultant Shankar, Dr. V. Bhavani Restoration Ecology, sacred groves, Environmental Education Chennai
Independent Consultant Subash, Mr. Municipal Solid waste Management, Vermi composting, Grey Water Recycling, Tree Plantation, Kitchen Garden and Organic farming Chennai
Independent Consultant Venkataraman, Dr. K. Zoology, Limnology, Marine Biology, Govt. Service, Secretary, Studies on zooplankton of India, Studies on Antarctica, Studies on coral reefs of India, NBSAP - Natural aquatic ecosystem Chennai
I. Mohan dass Consultant

Environmental Economics expert in river water pollution Coimbatore Mobile 9894242164

{*} in addition to WWF list

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