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Pressure Self-Assessment[edit | edit source]

Self-assessment is a process by which one can evaluate their own skills and knowledge. Furthermore, is also a tool that can be used to keep track of progress and therefore stay motivated.

In order to ensure that learners are competent in performing the necessary medical procedures in the field, a checklist has been designed and validated by CrashSavers expert trauma providers.

Steps for adequate Self-Assessment[edit | edit source]

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Download VR mobile application

The VR smartphone application is available for free download for any Android or Apple device.

Android device: Visit the Google Play Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email. Apple device: Visit the App Store and search “CrashSaversVR”. Download the app and register with your name and email.

Crashsavers App - Learning Material selection.png
Review the learning material first

Please go through our Learning Material selection in the Crashsavers Mobile app to learn more about the different hemorrhage control techniques and their fair usage.

You can also visit our website to read detailed articles on this topic. Hemorrhage control techniques can be life-saving, but only if you know how to use them. Stay informed, stay prepared.

Crashsavers App - Build the simulator.png
Build the Pressure simulator

Download the instructions to build your own Pressure Simulator for hemorrhage control.

Inside de CrashSavers VR Mobile App, you will find the Building Manual with all relevant materials on pricing, online providers, and step-by-step instructions for building the simulator.

CrashSavers App - Select Pressure Case.png
Choose the third clinical case to test your knowledge

CrashSavers have developed different clinical case scenarios to test the learner's proficiency in hemorrhage control techniques.

Based on the history and physical exam findings, the learner must choose the correct procedure for stopping the bleeding and provide the patient with the most appropriate next steps. The CrashSavers VR application is interactive and is designed to accommodate both novices and experienced medical professionals.

The learner needs to observe if all the critical steps were proper to achieve a passing score. If one of the critical steps is incorrect, the learner needs to repeat the process until achievement of the learning curve is accomplished.

Fig 1. Example of how the case algorithm works in the background on the app based on the learner's answers.
CrashSavers App - Select to practice with the Pressure Simulator.png
Choose to practice on the Pressure Simulator to practice your skills

After answering when to apply pressure to achieve hemostasis, a prompt will appear to choose if the learner has built the Pressure Simulator. If so, the mobile app will instruct the learner to practice and come back afterward to complete the self-assessment

CrashSavers App - Start self assessment inside the App 2.png
Fill the Checklist to complete your Self Assessment

After practicing on the Pressure simulator the apprentice will return to the CrashSavers App and will be asked to press the "Finished" button.

Afterwards, the CrashSavers checklist for the Pressure simulation will be started and answered inside the application.

The online form version of the CrashSavers checklist - Pressure simulation is available in theis link:

Fig 2. Pressure checklist. You can access the checklist here Click in this link
CrashSavers App - Mission Complete 2.png
Finish the case

After returning to the mobile App, the learner can finish the clinical case and visualize his final score

CrashSavers App - Achievements and Statistics main menu.png
Achievements and Statistics

Please navigate through our Main Menu to find your Achievements and Statistics

Crashsavers App - Statistics.png
Compare your performance

Self-assessment is an important skill for any professional because it allows one to not only measure their own improvement but also compare their performance against others in the field. By looking at your own performance against others, you can see how you are doing and where you could improve.

Self-assessment can also give you a sense of accomplishment because it shows that you are working hard to improve yourself.

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