Introduction[edit | edit source]

Mention CCAT and stuff, make sure you make references and links to my page CCAT natural wall construction. Have fun with this page and keep the help page open in another tab to refer to, it works great to just copy and paste format things from the help page into your page.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Ok this is the most difficult part of Appropedia formatting to visualize so i just put in my table. It helps to click 'show preview' so you can see the finished product as well as the formatting at the same time. Just fill in your cost information for the table below. And just delete any extra boxes left but remember to leave the '|}' at the end of the whole table format.

Qty Material Needed Source Cost Total Cost
~60 Thin Wood Lath Salvage from local lumber mill $0 $0
3 94lb bags Portland Cement Do-it-yourself-Hardware $12 $36
lots Paper Shredded office pack from HSU Student Services Building $0 $0
1 Straw Bales Local seller ~$6 ~$8
3 Flats Cedar Shingle Salvaged and Donated by Pierson Building Center ~$0 ~$0
~300 Nails for Shingles CCAT Shed $0 $0
~100 Screws CCAT Shed $0 $0
~150 Recycled Bricks CCAT Recycled Brick Pile $0 $0
2 Natural Log Posts Beach Salvage $0 $0
~12 ft 4x4 Lumber CCAT Lumber Rack $0 $0
~20 sqft Plywood CCAT Lumber Rack $0 $0
Total $44

Testing[edit | edit source]

Purposed Timeline[edit | edit source]

Here is a format for a time line that seems to work well in appropedia, just fill in your data, notice that the '!' marks match the titles of the columns, so all you have to remember is that for each 'align="center"' box, the first line is the item, second is date, third is whether or not you met that date.

-Design and site measurements complete 3/4/09 Yes
-Dig foundation and set posts 3/23/09 Yes
-Construct Roof frame and lay gravel foundation 3/24/09 Yes
-Make test paper-crete bricks and forms 3/24/09 Yes
-Lay Brick with sand mortar 3/25/09 Yes
-Finish roof with cedar shingles 3/28/09 Yes
-Nail up wood lath 3/29/09 Yes
-Finish making bricks 4/2/09 two weeks late due to rain!
-Make large batch of paper-crete for work day 3/14/09 yep
-Class work day on wall 4/15/09 Yes !
-Touch-ups and finishing touches to prepare for plaster 5/1/09 Yes

Project in Construction[edit | edit source]

Below i have included what i did for many of my pictures. I put them in a gallery, the format is below, all that you need to do is fill in the space after 'image:' with your picture files you have uploaded 'see the upload a file on the left sidebar to learn how. After the '|' line you can add a caption to the photos, just delete it if you do not want a caption, but it helps.

Conclusions and Reflections[edit | edit source]

Links[edit | edit source]

Making links is pretty easy. the help page tells you more about it, check it out.

References[edit | edit source]

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