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Parent Back Assessment in Trauma

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Back Assessment in Trauma. Read each question fully and make sure you understand what the question is asking before you answer. Some questions are select all that apply, these will be marked by square check boxes. After answering all questions to the best of your ability, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Your score will be shown at the bottom of the page after submission. You may reset this quiz as many times as you would like.

1 You are called to respond for a 89 year old who fell while in the kitchen. He is conscious on arrival and complains of head and back pain. He states that he lost consciousness after striking his head on a cabinet as he fell. Assessment reveals partially avulsed ear on the right. Spinal assessment reveals midline tenderness to the neck and tenderness to the right side of the back near his kidney. Which section of the patient's spine is most likely to be injured with these findings?

Unable to determine

2 Assessment of the back is particularly important in patients who have experienced penetrating trauma. What in particular are you looking for when assessing the back of a patient who has experienced penetrating trauma?

Exit wounds

3 Musculoskeletal back injuries of the back can have midline tenderness of the spine.


4 You respond for a patient who has been involved in a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) at 55 mph. One patient has already been transported by another ambulance, leaving you with the last patient on scene who was deemed least critical. Your patient complains of hand and knee pain from impact with the dashboard/airbag. Another rescuer notes that the patient "looks hunched over". The patient states that this is a normal finding for a medical condition where their spine exhibits abnormal forward curvature, but they do not know what it is called. What is this condition known as?

None of the above

5 Your patient is prone upon arrival when responding to an assault with a baseball bat. Can you assess their spine and back prior to rolling them over providing that their ABC's are intact?


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