Aim is to collect video stories of success using appropedia. People who have used Appropedia as a source of information for their local efforts. In order to support a generation of Windmill Bill's.

We're setting up this page to collect the first videos, links on how to do (and not to do) videos, some dates, format (problem and how appropedia worked and didn't work), license, and whatever needs to be fleshed out.

Then we can tell our networks: twitter, globalswadeshi, etc.

If it is to be a "challenge", we could even have a way to select the best videos and publicise them. Maybe look at how useful they are in practice.

A possible format[edit | edit source]

Someone who has used Appropedia for a project is interviewed by some other person (you). Questions to ask are:

  • Person?
  • Location?
  • Problem?
  • Pages looked at?
  • What helped you?
  • What wasn't too helpful, or maybe downright misleading?
  • How could Appropedia serve you better, or what else would you have used?
  • What else would you like to see in Appropedia, from your project or from others?
  • What's your next step with your projects?

Take video of the interview, preferably with some footage or photos of the project itself.

Give a location for the video.

You're done.


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